12 Cute Dog Breeds

Cute Dog Breeds Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua
Dogs are almost loved by everyone. They prove to be a great pet. the quality of dogs like loyalty, affectionate, adorable and honest intimidates every person to pet him home. Here we’ll discuss some of the adorable tiny breeds of dogs with their facts list. Once you shelter these cute dog breeds, no longer they will take to become one of your family members. The Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua are some of the cute dog breeds.

One needs to understand the need for a pet before adopting one. A pet dog needs a proper diet which includes special dog-food. The budget of the house automatically raises as an extra member gets added. Regular vaccination and check-ups should be done of these animals. The dogs being unknown to our lifestyles, they need a training before bringing them home. The other tiny pets other than these cute dog breeds are -the turtles, fishes, cats, and mice.

1 Dachshund

These cute dog breeds of Dachshund are pretty aggressive. The research over Dachshund has given a report that 1 in every 5 Dachshunds is found to bite or attack the humans. The breed of Dachshund was developed to cease the badgers. In the US, they help to track the wounded deer. Dachshund is not just smart but is also a Dachshund is very loyal and attractive pet dog too.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Dachshund

2 Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is the tiny breed of dogs, in existence from a long ancient time. A Shih Tzu needs food four times a day for the first six months. Afterward, they could be fed for two times a day. Shih Tzu breed of dogs is best for the allergic people. These dogs do not shed their hair and therefore are less allergic. Shih Tzu is also a type of lap dog.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Shih Tzu

3 Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dogs in the world. They weigh only around 1-3kg. The Chihuahua is one of the most popular pet. Though being the smallest in size, they are the most adorable. The Chihuahua is very smart and has fast learning skills/grasping. These Chihuahua are obedient to their owners. The noses of the Chihuahua can of be of different colored –  black, brown, gray and also pink at times!

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Chihuahua

4 Pekingese

These are the small breed of dogs with Chinese origin. Their appearance is lion-like. Thus resembles independence, courage, and confidence. Since they are independent, they require a creative training. They do not bark often. They aren’t noisy dogs which bark at everything. But they are smart enough to alert the owners when a risk felt. This breed shed a lot of hair. Still, they prove to be a very loyal pet dog.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Pekingese

5 Bichon

The Bichon is also known as Bichon Frisé, is extremely charming and lovable. A ‘Bichon’, is a type of lapdog and ‘Frisé’ in French means curly. Bichon loves the attention of the audience. They always entertain the crowd with their performances. They have cotton-like curly hair all over their body, they were tiny adds to their cuteness. The Bichon is not an animal who likes being isolated. Bichon demands to be in a continuous company. They convey their unhappiness through barking and destructive chewing.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Bichon

6 Maltese

The Maltese are among the few smart dogs which help running the home well. These are the oldest dogs known to date being 2800 years old. If one wishes to have a smart but little and adorable dog, this is a good choice. However, they do require a proper training. The Maltese breed of dogs is a sign of royalty. These dogs have been lived with all the historical dog-lovers. They had been eating on the golden plates and were spoilt endlessly. Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots had Maltese as their tiny pet dog. They are surely one of the cute dog breeds, one will always wish to pet.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Maltese

7 Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a type of an aggressive breed. A bite of Jack Russell Terrier is problematic. The Jack Russell Terrier of the same gender if allowed to stay together, will fight hard and become aggressive hell-like. The Jack Russell Terrier is very smart and impresses their masters for their intelligence. It is a well-behaved dog if trained properly. Shorter the hair of the Jack Russell Terrier more will be the shedding.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Jack Russell Terrier

8 Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier was bred by French Bulldogs. These Boston Terrier are a very good choice for the people who are buying a dog for the person. It is a smart breed which loves affection from the people. The Boston Terrier is fond of socialization. They do suffer from the hair shedding problem.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Boston Terrier

9 Beagle

The Beagle is a friendly and socially involved breed of dogs. Beagle is very intelligent. The US Department of Agriculture, after a deep study, chose Beagle for their help required for detection than any other dogs. You might find the beagle being hyperactive at times. The Beagle is very fast at running and chasing.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Beagle

10 Pug

A pug has a short nose which makes them look lovable. Pug was made up of three dogs by the Chinese: the Pekingese, the Lo-sze, the Lion dog. A pug is considered as one of the dumb dogs. However, with a good training, they can prove to be a smart tiny dog. Pug is mostly a calm animal until they are not properly socialized. They do become aggressive then. A pug is always a good choice to have if an owner is looking for a toy dog. Pugs are small and lovable. They seem to be extremely adorable and one can be very comfortable having them as a pet dog. This is one of the cute dog breeds which is much famous.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Pug

11 Pomeranian

These attractive Pomeranian type of dogs are always very suspicious and therefore bark at the strangers. A Pomeranian does need a good training. There is certain temperature restriction to this breed. The Pomeranian could experience a heat stroke if experience a lot of heat and humidity. Pomeranian is a toy dog. Nevertheless, they are intelligent. This one is also a very famous pet dog.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Pomeranian

12 Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is very comfortable with the small children. Italian Greyhound loves getting socialized. However, an Italian Greyhound will bark hard if see a stranger approaching. An Italian Greyhound is a gentle and playful dog. They are highly active and love grabbing the attention of the crowd. An Italian Greyhound loves affection given by the people. They are intelligent enough.

Cute Dog Breeds and Pet Dog Italian Greyhound

Once a dog has been bought, one needs to study and understand the daily needs of the dog. An owner should be able enough to fulfill all the requirements of the pet dog. A proper hygiene, food, and medication should be done to the dogs. To no wonder, in return, these animal-pets loves you back immensely. They always remain loyal and make you feel that choosing them was always a good decision. These cute dog breeds prove to be of a great company to one lonely.

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