Fascinating Facts About Dolphins

Fun Fascinating Facts About Dolphins Aquatic Animals
Dolphins – one of the most playful aquatic animals one has known to. There are many fascinating facts about dolphins. These aquatic animals are intelligent, adorable, and are very expressive. These mammals have been studied as a competition to the apes for their thinking ability, such that, their brains are found very similar to that of the humans! There are many species of a dolphin, one of the most common is the Bottlenose dolphin. Let us check some of the interesting facts about them.

To no wonder, Dolphins are not like other aquatic animals which are cold-blooded, breathe through gills, and reproduce via eggs. Whereas, a dolphin is like humans. It converses with his group members (known to be dolphin pod or school), it gives birth through mammary glands, it is warm-blooded species, and they do not breathe through their gills.

There are some of the unknown yet fascinating facts about Dolphins as follows

Physical attributes

Rare to any other living being on the land, water, or air, a Dolphin has two stomachs.

The first among the fascinating facts about dolphins is that they literally have two stomachs! Like a cow, Dolphin has two stomachs. The first one is used for storing the food while the second one helps to digest the stored food.

These aquatic animals have a blowhole on their top to breathe the air inside.

Any aquatic animals will breathe oxygen through the water via their gills, however, it’s not the same with the Dolphins. Dolphins have a blowhole on their top to breathe.

When compared with apes, these are extremely intelligent animals

The studies have shown that the dolphins are extremely sharp at their brains. The research has shown that they actually pass on their learnings to the new ones. This is an intelligent yet very-human activity followed by them. This is one of the fascinating facts about dolphins because these aquatic animals are showing other activities which are discussed below, are very similar to humans and therefore, they are a great use to the humans.

The teeth of a Dolphin were never made to chew their food but they swallow them whole.

As said above like the dolphins are very similar to the cows, they also do not chew their food like cows, they swallow it. The food is afterward processed and digested properly.

Dolphins go through unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, they sleep only with half of their brain.

It is known as the unihemispheric slow-wave sleep. In this, the dolphin will sleep with its one side of the brain shut and the opposite eye shut. While the other side of the brain is still working and is keeping the record of the things going in the background or in the surroundings. This is an amazing and fascinating fact about the dolphin.

They have a very delicate skin but when wounded they heal themselves very soon.

These aquatic animals have a remarkable property of their skins. The scientists have found the antibacterial properties in their skin, which helps them to heal their wounds as quickly as possible with no infections allowed to attack.

Dolphins have excellent eyesight and hearing skills. They can locate the objects far away from their sight.

One of the fascinating facts about dolphins is that they adjust their lens and cornea according to the change of state from water to outside air. Therefore, they have an amazing eyesight in both water and air. Humans can hear up to a range from 0.02kHz to 20kHz while the range for the dolphins is up to 160 kHz!

Skills They Carry

One of the fascinating facts about dolphins that they can dive really deep up to 1000 feet.

These are undoubtedly the most exciting aquatic animals. When they are resting, the dolphin pod seem to be on the surface of the oceans. While, when they are energized, the dolphin pod can dive up to really deep of a height of 1000 feet under water.

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Dolphin can live up to a maximum life of 50 years.

Their average life varies for 15-16 years, however, the maximum noted the age of them is of 50 years.

They have a very helpful nature when a dolphin pod member is injured, these creatures help each other.

As said, these are one of the most intelligent aquatic animals on earth. These creatures are found to help the members of their dolphin pod or school when found injured. A group of dolphins is called as the ” dolphin pod”.

Like humans, Dolphins also love being given a name and called by the same.

According to the research, dolphins name themselves with a whistle pattern. This is an interesting fact, as these creatures give themselves a name so that others can identify them.

These creatures are one of the most playful aquatic animals, they love humans and are very friendly.

Dolphins take less time to understand the human language, therefore they are extremely friendly to them and get attached to them very soon. As their grasping power is really appreciable, they are easy to train and to be taught.

Bottlenose Dolphin facts about dolphins Aquatic Animals

These creatures can migrate long distances in search of food for a living.

When their surroundings lack the food, they can travel far enough to get the food. The Dolphins are carnivores in nature. They can travel up to a speed of 25 miles per hour!

Dolphin pod communicate using sounds. They whistle, click and, make other sounds to convey their messages to each other.

The Dolphin pod love conversing and convey their messages to the opposite by making different sounds.

They can be easily trained, and so, the US Navy makes use of them to protect and warn the army.

One of the fascinating facts about dolphins that they are helping the army to secure us! These species are human-friendly, intelligent, can communicate, has great vision, and therefore army chooses them as their partners.

The Species

The Dolphins belong to the family of whales.

At a whole, dolphins and whales belong to the same family called the Cetacean.

There are many species found of the dolphins, according to the study, they are found out to be 40 in number.

Bottlenose, Humpback dolphin, Spotted dolphin, Pacific White-sided dolphin, pilot dolphin are some of them. However, the Bottlenose dolphin is the most common dolphin found of all.

The Killer Whales are named as the best dolphins among all.

These are highly intelligent. They have many hunting tactics. Killers whales are recorded to cover a distance of up to 54kph. And a pod of them have covered 160 kilometers in a day!

Bottlenose dolphins are a very common type of the species found, they are quite well known among the humans.

The Bottlenose dolphin has been found to cover a distance of 18 miles in an hour. The pod of Bottlenose dolphin has a complicated way of communicating in terms of whistles. The Bottlenose dolphin is very friendly to the humans. Therefore, are very popular among the humans.

After a lot of buzzes, it is evident that pink dolphins do exist.

The fascinating facts about dolphins are not enough that the pink dolphins also came into existence. Yes, the pink dolphins do exist! However, endangered. They are spotted at the Amazon river, Orinoco, and the Araguaia rivers.

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