The Unknown, Interesting Facts About Kangaroos

Interesting Kangaroo Facts You Didn't Know
The Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. Those are among a few animals who cannot walk backward. It has been observed through a study, that the population of them is more than the people living in Australia. Therefore, these are the reasons why it is chosen as the national animal of Australia. There are many interesting Kangaroo facts. The fact that how a baby Kangaroos grows in an adult is enthralling. There are four different varieties of them. They are named after their habitat locations in Australia. However, Australia Kangaroos are culled nowadays as they are considered as a pest in the farms.

The Kangaroo is an enchanting species. The Australia Kangaroos are distinguished into more four types. There are many interesting Kangaroo facts or about the Australia Kangaroos. The fascinating Kangaroo facts are made out of the birth of the Baby Kangaroos. One of the Kangaroo Facts about them being the Marsupials makes the birth and nurturing of the Baby Kangaroos interesting. The nurturing of the Baby Kangaroos is not the same as the Placental mammals.

The Red Kangaroo

These type of Kangaroo are the largest marsupials in the World. The scientific name of this Kangaroo is the Macropus Rufus. According to the Kangaroo facts, all the Kangaroos are herbivorous in nature. That is they survive only on the plants. The national animal of Australia is the Red Kangaroo. Also, the Kangaroo facts say that they successfully survive without water for long. They are found in the mainland region of Australia. The male Red Kangaroos are more powerful than the female. The height of the males is up to 2 meters tall and weighing 85 kg. They generally have a red-brown fur. However, some eastern females shade blue-grey. The baby kangaroos are carried by their mothers in their pouches for a couple of months.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts Australia Kangaroos

The Antilopine Kangaroo

According to the Kangaroo Facts, the scientific name of this Kangaroo is Macropus antilopinus. They are found in the northern parts of Australia. The height of this ranges from 0.8 to 1.5 meter. The observed lifespan is up to 16 years. They have their males with brown fur and females with the blue-grey fur. Weight varies from 20-37 kg. They have a lissome face with wistful eyes.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts baby kangaroos kangaroos jumping

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

The scientific name for them is Macropus giganteus. They are found in the eastern and the western parts of Australia. The other name for them is the Great Grey and the Forester Kangaroo. The weight ranges from 66 kg to 90 kg. The height of them is up to 6.6 ft. The looks of this variety are different from the Red Kangaroo. There are black and white markings on the side face of the Red Kangaroo, Such markings are absent on the Grey Kangaroo.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts australia kangaroos

Western Grey Kangaroo

The scientific name of this Kangaroo is Macropus fuliginosus. They are also called as Black-faced, Sooty or Mallee Kangaroo. These are the most common type found in the southern parts of Australia. They are also found in the south-west western parts of Australia. The males of this type smell like curry. Therefore, they are also called as the “stinkers”. They are also herbivorous and graze at nights.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts baby kangaroos

The Birth Of a Kangaroo

The Kangaroos are the marsupial mammals. Marsupials are the mammals who have a gestation period of a few weeks. There are many interesting Kangaroo facts. The females have a pouch on their front body. The baby kangaroos measures near 1 inch when out of their mother’s body. Only the forelimbs of the baby kangaroos are developed till then. The baby kangaroos with the help of the limbs on the front climb towards the pouch. They manage to get attached to a teat. The mother feeds and nurtures the baby kangaroos once out of her body.

The baby kangaroos mature in the pouch of his mother. The mother feeds her baby kangaroo for about 18 months. The mother carries the growing baby in her pouch. They stay in the pouch for the next nine months until he becomes enough able to adopt the outside world. The gestation period of a kangaroo is of 30-36  days or at most 7 weeks. The baby kangaroos are called as ‘joeys’.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts baby kangaroos


This species can survive without water for a long time. Therefore, they are adaptable to the areas going into drought for short periods. They are not only found in Australia but are also present in Tasmania, the surrounding islands, and Savannas. These species mostly live in a crowd. They wander in mobs. The largest male dominates and guides the troop. These species have long feet. They cannot walk properly. The Kangaroos mostly take the support of their tails to build a tripod, balancing their body with the two forelimbs. Since they cannot walk properly they jump to travel. It is known as saltatory locomotion.

They have huge feet at back and two small hands in the front. These species were designed to jump. They at one time can jump at a height of 30 ft. Another amazing fact is mating. When the region of their habitat is full of the food and water, they opt to mate. When the region is short of the food and survival is in danger, the males do not produce sperm. The female also does not produce fetus for the embryo. They all live in a group. Males and females all together in a troop. However, when baby kangaroos are supposed to be grown, there are “groups” formed.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts baby kangaroos

Kangaroos jumping

The back legs of them are very strong. Kangaroos jumping can travel up to a speed of 64 km/hr. Once given a start to the hopping, kangaroos jumping take up a speed which saves them from their predators.  The Kangaroos jumping has got their speed qualities only to save themselves as they were herbivorous. Kangaroos jumping not only have speed skills but also their ears can hear from all the corners of the surrounding. Their ears can rotate to adjust the sound frequency without moving their body.

Interesting Kangaroo Facts australia kangaroos kangaroos jumping

Australia Kangaroos are the ones with a great population. The Australia Kangaroos differ in their variety namely the red, the grey, etc. Australia Kangaroos have come into danger as they are called as ‘pests’. A danger to the local farmers on their farms. As the nature of the Australia Kangaroos is herbivorous, they prove to be a pest for the farms. According to the recent studies, the ratio of Kangaroos to the people is 2:1 in Australia. Therefore, Kangaroo meat is suggested to be served. However, this is a wrong effort affecting the species of Australia Kangaroos. Another and effective solution could be found. These wonderful animals should be saved and nurtured well.

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