Interesting Facts About Different Cat Breeds

Popular Cat Breeds And Their Interesting Facts
Cats are very lovable. Unlike the dogs, they are less noisy and more affordable. They are loved as a pet by many because they cuddle up in your blankets, greets you the first in the morning, and loves being on your lap. A dog can be trained but a cat can never be trained. They are independent and do not like things to be forced on to them. Here is a list of some popular cat breeds such as the Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Chartreux, Scottish Fold, and many.

There are many popular cat breeds of pet cats one can have. Having a pet cat will never make you feel alone. They are very loving and very soon you’ll see emotions attached to these little creatures. Some of such popular cat breeds are the Scottish Fold, Maine Coon, Chartreux, Ragdoll, and etc.

The following are some of the facts that why one should opt a cat as his pet!
  • They are less noisy and taking care of them is easy and affordable.
  • The cats have expressive vocalizations.
  • The cats have a great muscle memory!
  • Cats can convey their messages well.
  • According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 81, 721, 000 cats were pet-cats in the US. For a fact, the number of pet-dogs is 72,114,000 dogs.
  • They may not be as smart as a dog in certain domains. However, according to a study, cats have evolved at their intelligence to a great amount.
  • The Wildcats are highly influential. They can even scare out a money! One such wild cats are the Margay.
  • Purr-cry is a gesture which cats make so as the owner comes to know about the cat is hungry and needs food immediately.
  • Warmer temperatures and short winters encourage the growth in the number of cats. Which means global warming is actually helping in increasing the population of the cat.
  • Above all, they are charming and exceptionally cute.

Some of the popular cat breeds are listed below

1  Maine Coon

  1. A Maine Coon, one of the popular cat breeds, gets averagely affectionate with your family.
  2. The amount of shedding of a Maine coon’s hair is very often. One needs to swipe the house daily.
  3. Maine coon usually doesn’t need any of the medical attention.
  4. A Maine coon has playful nature and tries vocalizing with their owners.
  5. Are extremely kids friendly and mostly do not like the strangers.
  6. Maine Coon is pet-friendly breeds of cats.

Popular cat breeds, Maine Coon

2  Ragdoll

  1. Ragdoll very quickly attaches to your family. They are extremely affectionate for a family.
  2. A Ragdoll sheds its hair often.
  3. They are extremely kids friendly and a Ragdoll loves to play.
  4. There are certain cleanliness issues with these popular cat breeds of Ragdoll. They are not easy at grooming. One should be enough ready to pursue this duty.

Popular cat breeds. Ragdoll

3  Abyssinian

  1. These breeds do not mix-up with the family soon.
  2. They do not shed a lot of hair.
  3. There are more general health issues.
  4. They are very playful and kids friendly.
  5. Highly intelligent and perfect as a pet.

Popular cat breeds

4  Persian Cats

  1. They take time to get habitual to the changed environment. They are not very family friendly.
  2. Shed a lot of hair.
  3. Have a fair tendency to vocalize.
  4. Are less friendly to the kids, are not very good with the strangers.
  5. They should be the last option for opting it as a pet.

Popular cat breeds

5  Exotic cats

  1. They have got a great tendency to communicate and vocalize with their owners.
  2. These quite quickly get adjusted to the new environment.
  3. Are playful yet needs an attention to grooming.

6  American Shorthair

  1. They are less friendly and less playful.
  2. However, they are interactive and have no health issues.
  3. They are enough intelligent and easy to groom.

Popular cat breeds

7  Siamese

  1. They are perfect for pets.
  2. Very soon they mix-up with the family members and are friendly to the kids.
  3. They are very interactive and one finds this breed very entertaining and lovable.
  4. Are highly intelligent.
  5. Do not shed a lot.

Popular cat breeds

8  Scottish Fold

  1. Scottish Fold are quite playful.
  2. A Scottish Fold is lovable, active and playful.
  3. These breeds of Scottish Fold are enough intelligent and smart.
  4. However, a bit hard for grooming.

Popular cat breeds, Scottish Fold

9  Teacup Persian

  1. They suffer from certain health issues, special care needs to be taken.
  2. Are one of the smallest kittens.
  3. Costs a lot.
  4. If one wants to have a cat with cute looks and can give enough time to take care of them, one can make a choice of these cats.

10  Savannah Cat

  1. They are social. They mix-up soon and are great with the kids.
  2. Are playful and generally do not suffer from any health issues.
  3. These are enough intelligent and very loyal.
  4. They are great for pet cats.

Popular cat breeds

11  Ocicat

  1. They very soon get affectionate with the family members.
  2. Do not shed a lot of hair.
  3. They have a weak tendency to vocalize though are very friendly in nature towards the kids and the strangers.

12  Nebelung

  1. These are intelligent cats.
  2. They are not very friendly towards the strangers.
  3. Are adorable and playful.
  4. Very rare they fall sick.
  5. However, shed hairs.

13  Birman

  1. These cats get involved very soon with the family and are of friendly nature.
  2. They shed hairs and therefore are not very easy at grooming.
  3. However, these are pretty intelligent cats and are highly recommended for bringing one home.

Popular cat breeds

14  American Bobtail

  1. These are famous pet cats.
  2. They are in all above average in playfulness, intelligence, being friendly, and as per their health issues are concerned.

15  Chartreux

  1. One may complain about Chartreux cat’s hair shedding.
  2. Chartreux cats are excellent at their tendency to vocalize.
  3. These breeds of Chartreux are very easy at grooming.
  4. Chartreux are preferred as their pet cats.

Popular cat breeds. Chaartreux

16  Himalayan Cat

  1. These cats shed a lot of hair.
  2. They do get involved with the family members soon.
  3. However, they are less playful and complain about their health often.
  4. Less preferred as a pet.

Popular cat breeds

17  Bombay Cat

  1. These are pretty famous cats.
  2. They are friendly towards the strangers.
  3. Plus point is about their less shedding of the hairs.
  4. Therefore, they are easy at grooming.

Popular cat breeds

18  Siberian cat

  1. Extremely friendly with the humans.
  2. Very playful and intelligent.
  3. However, shed hairs and not easy at grooming.
  4. Preferred as pets.

Popular cat breeds

19  British Shorthair

  1. They are above average for being friendly, in the tendency to vocalize, and in general health matters.
  2. Do not shed a lot of hairs and so are easy to groom.

Popular cat breeds

20  Tonkinese

  1. These are very human-friendly and playful cats.
  2. They are always active and prove to be a great entertainer.
  3. These are highly intelligent cats.
  4. They do suffer from general health issues.
  5. Are pretty famous as a pet.

21  Norwegian Forest Cat

  1. These cats take time to get mixed up with the humans.
  2. They have a good tendency to vocalize.
  3. Do shed hairs and so are not very easy at grooming.
  4. Also, they suffer from health issues.

Popular cat breeds

22  Russian Blue

  1. These cats take time to mix up with the humans.
  2. They are less playful.
  3. Do shed hairs.
  4. However, they do not suffer from any general health issues.
  5. These are intelligent cat breeds and are mostly preferred as pets.

Popular cat breeds

Care To Be Taken For A Pet Cat


Cats should have taurine, an essential amino acid, in their diets. This acid is good for their heart and eyes.
A balanced diet should be provided.
The water containing bowl should be cleaned often and should contain fresh water always.
Cats are poisoned by onion and garlic!


They do not need a very regular bath. However, they should be brushed and their hairs should be maintained.


The place where they live should be fleas and ticks free. It should be cleaned on a regular basis.


The nails of the cats are sensitive.
In every two-three weeks, their nails should be made blunt in order to save their nails from breaking after a scratch.
It will also save the humans from getting hurt.
Regular checkups to the veterinarian and proper vaccination should be made. These pets are adorable and loyal. One needs to take a thorough care of these little creatures.

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