The History of Extinction of Titanosaurs

Titanosaur Dinosaurs The Largest Dinosaur got Extinct
Dinosaurs – the extinct which are still in an ambiguous history. What were the reasons and the calamities that occurred in a way that, 75-96% of the species became extinct? There were major five mass extinction periods witnessed by the Mother Earth. Dinosauria is a monophyletic group of Dinosaurs which includes birds too(the Avians and the Non-Avians). One of the biggest land Dinosaurs( the Avian) is the Titanosaur Dinosaurs.

The Titanosaur dinosaurs are considered as the largest dinosaur and also the largest mammals yet discovered. The birth of these massive animals happened during the Mesozoic period. However, the extinction of them happened during the Cretaceous period. Its considered because of the meteor attacks, basalt flood or volcano eruptions. The Natural History Museum NYC has the model of this huge animal. The height of this mammal is so high, that it reaches the fourth-floor elevator of the museum building.

The Major Five Extinction Periods

  1. Ordovician-Silurian

The Mother Earth had experienced two major extinction devastations before this one to occur. The Ordovician Extinction Period consisted mainly of the aquatic genera. However, this extinction brought all the species to get extinct. The extinct species were the trilobites, brachiopods, etc.

  1. Late Devonian Mass Extinction

The catastrophic extinction of the Late Devonian brought over 75% of the existing species to an end.

  1. Permian Mass Extinction

This was the period, could be said when the Pangaea continent came into the picture. It gave a sanctum to many other species including on the land and the skies. However, according to the scientists, there was a massive eruption of the volcano. The debris created out of this volcano covered the skies blocking the Sun. The photosynthesis stopped by the plants. There are many other causes blamed for the Permian extinction. Its calculated that over 70% of the land and 90% of the air species were brought to an end. The most devastating extinction of the Earth history.

The Permian – Triassic period is the start of the Mesozoic Period – The birth of the gigantic Dinosaurs!

Permian Mass Extinction titanosaur dinosaurs extinction

  1. Triassic – Jurassic Extinction Period

This period was considered as the end of the Mesozoic period. The extermination happened to be because of the asteroids and the comets colliding the Earth surface. The volcanoes are considered as the reason too. The Flood-basalt eruption is also a cause. The C-shaped Pangaea continent, home of the dinosaurs was halved into two sub-continents such as the Laurasia and the Gondwana in the Jurassic period.

Jurassic Extinction Period Largest Dinosaur

  1. Cretaceous-Tertiary or The K-T Extinction

The period is considered the most for the extinction of the Dinosaurs. This period ended up the Dinosaurs genera. The theory says that this period may have experienced the meteor attack which raised to the extinction. There are the fields found rich in mineral iridium. The minerals might be of the Cretaceous period. These minerals are very rare on the land of Earth. However, they are found on the meteors.

The K-T Extinction Largest Dinosaur

The Titanosaurs

These were considered as the largest dinosaurs of all. Titanosaurs also came into existence in the Permian – Triassic period and got extinct by the Cretaceous period. The titanosaur dinosaurs are considered to be the part of the Sauropod dinosaurs group. The Sauropod dinosaurs had small heads, long neck, and a massive body. They had long tails to balance the long-neck. The titanosaur dinosaurs are considered to be the largest dinosaurs living on land, which got extinct. Titanosaurus mean the ‘titanic lizard’. The scientific name is, ‘Patagotitan Mayorum’.

The titanosaur dinosaurs are not just said to be the biggest sauropods but by now according to the study, they are considered to be the largest animals those walked on the land. The weight of them was calculated to be almost nearer to 12 African elephants. The fossils of these largest dinosaurs when found at Argentina. The fossils made the paleontologists sure to be discovered the largest animals. These dinosaurs have made a permanent mark at the Natural History Museum NYC.

titanosaur extinction Largest Dinosaur

The Fossils

A working farmer found some remnants which he thought would be the fossils. Hence contacted the researchers. The researchers got 223 fossils from the desert region of the Argentine Patagonia. These were the maximum amount of fossils received. A complete image of the dinosaurs could be made out of these fossils. After studying the fossils collected, the paleontologists got to know that the titanosaur dinosaurs stood 122 ft long, 20 ft height and weighing about 70 tons. The thigh bone of these giant dinosaurs was about 8 ft long. The long neck measured up to 39 ft long. These dinosaurs were herbivorous. Even if they existed today, they would not have caused any harm to the humankind. Except for the fact of not coming under their feet!

Largest Dinosaur The Fossils

The Natural History Museum NYC

The Museo Paleontol√≥gico Egidio Feruglio at the first after receiving the fossils, didn’t realize how big the creature would be. But after passing a few days of study, the researchers got to know that the animal discovered was very huge. The 84 fossils bones obtained showed that this dinosaur would have been the largest dinosaur of the era then.

Natural History Museum NYC

The Natural History Museum NYC when determined to showcase Titanosaur into their museum, it seemed difficult. It was difficult because the dinosaur was so huge that it was going to cross the ceiling when built up. Therefore, the Natural History Museum NYC decided to model a walking dinosaur. The Titanosaur was surely not going to fit in a room. The largest dinosaur was then decided to build up to the fourth-floor elevator(almost 19-foot high ceiling) of the museum. The long neck and the long tail makes the titanosaur dinosaurs look giant and attractive too. The neck though bowed still reaches a huge height of the museum. The sculptors started molding the Titanosaur from its legs.

Natural History Museum NYC Dinosaurs

The Natural History Museum NYC decided not to put the real found bones into the sculptor as they were heavy and would not have balanced the weight of the model. However, some of the vintage bones have kept as a part of the apple-of-an-eye at the Natural History Museum NYC. The height of the Titanosaur seems larger than the iconic blue-whale of the museum.

The Wonders

The only wonder that how come these huge species can come to an end? The small and weak species like frogs have still managed to survive. The questions are many and also the answers are under the study. However, Titanosaur was a for sure wonder to the history of the Earth. These massive, huge dinosaurs were indeed very beautiful and worth watching.

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