Types and Specifications of Adorable Turtles

Adorable Turtle Types Green Turtles
A Turtle – considered as a symbol of long life, patience, consistency and active life. The Turtles are known for its longevity because of their long life. It is considered as a good fortune to carry a symbol of the turtles while going for burials. This animal carrying shelter at their back look adorable. The turtles mostly eat the water plants, insects, snails, and worms. They also can eat the dead marine animals and fishes if required. The small turtles are even made pets at many houses. Most of the times, tortoise and turtles are considered the same. However, tortoise and turtles are both different species. There are different types of turtles such as the colorful Green turtle, the beautiful box turtle, the Snapping turtle and many more.

It is believed that if you dream of a Turtle, it signifies wisdom, belief, reliability, and devotion. However, it also symbolizes that the person should take the situations or the relationships a bit slower. The dreams signify that the person might be sheltering/saving himself from the problems. The tortoise and the turtle are not the same. Such that, both of them belong to the order of Testudines or Chelonia. However, the turtles live both on the land and in the water. The tortoises live only on the land. Except the fact that the sea turtles come on the land for laying eggs and the tortoise goes in the water for drinking or bathing. All the tortoises are turtles but all the turtles cannot be tortoises. As the places of habitat changes, the tortoise and turtles differ in their behavior, food patterns too.

Types of turtles

1Green Turtle

The Green turtle mostly grazes on the seagrasses and maintain the sea-bed. They help to make the sea-bed more productive. The food eaten by a Green turtle is digested quickly and is provided as the nutrients for many plants and species. A Green turtle is one of the largest turtles living in the sea. One of the types of sea turtles is the Green turtle. The Green turtle is named as “green”, not because of their shell color green but as their cartilage and the fats are green colored. Like others, the Green turtle too travels long distances. The species of Green turtle is endangered. They are found in the tropical and subtropical waters. The Green turtle is mostly classified as the Atlantic Green turtle and the Eastern Pacific Green turtle.

Turtles Green Turtle

2Box Turtle

A Box turtle can be recognized by the domed shell present at the bottom. There are mainly four types of box turtle – the Common box turtle, Coahuilan box turtle, and Ornate box turtle. When the risk of the predators, they hide tightly in their shells. A Box turtle as a pet is adorable. A Box turtle needs proper exposure to the sunlight or an artificial light to survive. They as wild mostly depend upon the invertebrates like the insects. A Box turtle is famous because of its looks. These box turtles, in particular, are not suitable for the children. They don’t like to be handled too much or roughly. They need calm and gentle owners.

Turtles Box Turtle

3Red-Eared Slider

Unlike the other turtles, the Red-Eared turtles require a larger tank and a proper supply of light. When small, these turtles can adjust into the small water tanks. However, once they grow they become capable of holding 100 gallons of water and therefore, require larger tanks. Many owners use creative ideas for making these large tanks for their Red-Eared Sliders. One should avoid over-feeding to the turtle. Improper diet and unsuitable environmental conditions are the main factors the Red-Eared Sliders get diseased. The Metabolic Bone Diseases and Vitamin A deficiency are the common diseases found in these reptiles.

Tortoise red eared sliders Turtle

4Map Turtle

The Map turtle is the most popular turtle in the North American state. The body structure of these Map turtle is different and unique. There is a diversity in the colors of these turtles. They vary from region-to-region and from species to subspecies. Currently, there are 14 species found as the native the Map turtle. The Broad-Headed Map turtle, the Sawback Map turtle are some of them. The lifespan of these turtles is studied to be low. They can live up to 25 years of their age.

Tortoise Turtles map Turtle

5Snapping Turtle

The Snapping turtle mostly live in the fresh waters. They prefer water with lots of plants and bushes around, it helps the Snapping turtle to hide well. The life of Snapping turtle is estimated to be around 30 years. A turtle has a hard plate to cover its lower body or the stomach area. This plate is called as the plastron. The plastron of the turtles should be considered wide enough to allow them to hide completely inside their shell. However, the plastron of the Snapping turtle is small. Therefore, they cannot cover themselves completely inside the shell. The Snapping turtle spends most of his time in the water but for laying eggs, they come on the land. They prefer being isolated than becoming social. The Snapping turtle keeps the interaction with the other animals limited. The male Snapping turtle is considered to be more aggressive.

Tortoise Snapping Turtle

6Painted Turtle

The Painted turtle have been ruling the Earth for past 15 million years. During the summer warmth, if a Painted turtle is spotted, spring is predicted to approach. There are mainly four types of Painted turtle found-The Southern Painted turtle, the Eastern Painted turtle, Midland Painted turtle, Western Painted turtle. The scientific name for the Painted turtle is Chrysemys picta. The Painted turtle is seen in an average size of 4-10 inches. The beautifully colored body of their’s is a special attraction for everybody. The color of the Painted turtle’s plastron is usually yellow but at times it could be found also in bright red color with yellow markings in the center. A Painted turtle is omnivorous and mainly feed on the aquatic animals.

Tortoise Turtles painted turtle

Pet Turtle

Pet Turtles in hand

The turtles are the tiny and adorable version of the reptiles. They imprint a positive pattern in one’s life. The pet turtles are easy to nurture. They do not require a lot of attention but proper diet and sunlight/artificial light.
The pet turtles live for a long period of time and therefore, one doesn’t have to be worried about losing their pet early. Once one decides to nurture a turtle, they should leave them in between. Because now the pet turtles are considered to be an offensive in the jungles. The pet-turtles surely is a good choice to opt. One should study the turtle characteristics and demands before buying one. The pet turtles can easily manage to make one feel less lonely and can accompany well.

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