What are the four categories of water-borne resins?

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                                                            (1) Water-borne acrylic resin:

                                                            It is divided into emulsion polymerized acrylic resin and solution polymerized resin according to the different methods of water-based water-based resin.

                                                            Emulsion polymerization: emulsion polymerization, which is polymerized in water, is mainly used in interior and exterior wall paints, wood coatings, plastic paints and other industrial anticorrosive paints and topcoat, such as coil coatings.

                                                            Application characteristics: good anti-flow hanging, monotonous and fast, poor gloss and fullness, easy to produce bubbles in construction.

                                                            Solution Polymerization: Polymerization in solvents to form macromolecule polymers. After introducing many hydrophilic monomers and salt into the molecule, it is loose in water. It is mainly used to make amino baking paint, and some self-drying varieties are used to polish wood and paper.

                                                            Application characteristics: clear water-soluble solution, water dilution viscosity is not easy to reduce construction solid bottom.

                                                            (2) Water-borne alkyd and epoxy ester resins

                                                            Self-drying system: Waterborne anticorrosive coatings have been widely used, such as automotive chassis, steel structure and other operations have been appropriately old.

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                                                            CHARACTERISTICS: Compared with solvent type, the monotony is slower, because the inhibitory effect of neutralizer makes oxidative crosslinking not very useful. Nowadays, self-drying alkyd and epoxy ester are baked at 80-100 ~C in China.

                                                            Baking system: This kind of resin is used for baking coatings, which makes up for the lack of self-drying cross-linking, and can be used in various metal protection and decoration.

                                                            Characteristic: Because the molecule of this kind of system contains oil, it has good wettability to pigments, excellent gloss and fullness of paint film, and low cost.

                                                            (3) Water-based plump polyester resin

                                                            This kind of resin is also waterborne through salt-forming mechanism and is used in high-grade amino baking paint and coil paint.

                                                            Characteristic: This kind of resin characteristic paint film has excellent hardness and processing function, excellent weather resistance and anti-corrosion function. This kind of product has been produced in batches, and has been used in amino baking paint (electrostatic spraying) and coil paint.

                                                            (4) Water-borne epoxy resin

                                                            There are three ways to water-borne epoxy resin: adding emulsifier, emulsifying epoxy resin with amine curing agent and introducing hydrophilic groups into epoxy molecule.

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