Delectable Waffles as Christmas Breakfast

Amazing Christmas Breakfast Delicious Waffles
Every American’s favorite,
The Waffle! Yum and wonderful delicious Christmas breakfast ever. These are specially made for Christmas celebration. But in today’s world, it’s famous in all over the world. Christmas dinner is important but the Christmas mornings are especially exciting. The Waffles could be made up as a breakfast meal. Absolutely fantastic, not too sweet and a wonderful texture.

Amazing Christmas Breakfast Delicious Waffles Belgian waffle

Looking for a time-saving Christmas breakfast dish?- this will help you out! Today’s modern dish is quite quick to fix.  Everyone loves waffles. Children especially demand more waffles. I can call it as a joyful feast ever.

There are different types of waffles you can make. You can also have an eggless waffle in the simplest way with the simplest ingredients. It is for everybody, happy, brilliant, bright and as sweet as occasions. What’s more, there is even some sound and without gluten waffles for those with sensitivities. Crispy and fluffy Belgian style waffles are served with berries and freshly whipped cream. The ultimate weekend brunch.

Waffles with simple Ingredients which will be easily available for everyone, like baking powder, sugar,  butter,  milk, salt these are basic, but you can also have eggs, pumpkin as per what has been chosen.

Tips: Start with the dry ingredients for the waffle better.

Here are some types of waffles
Pumpkin spice waffle
 Chocolate buttermilk Belgian waffle
 Gingerbread doughnut waffle with maple glaze
 Red velvet waffle with cream cheese glaze
 Chocolate-peppermint waffle cookies
⊗ Healthy chocolate waffle
 Healthy pumpkin chocolate chip waffle

 And more other ⊗ waffles you can find.

 pumpkin chocolate chip waffle

A healthy start of this magical Christmas morning will be your best start!
Celebrate a perfect Christmas with a perfect Christmas waffle.
I’ve personally made these many times and vouch for them as being totally addictive.

Waffles are best served straight out of the iron, while they are still hot and crispy. Serve waffle with freshly whipped cream, berries, a dusting of icing sugar and some maple syrup. They go with just about anything, banana, bacon, yogurt or for dessert chocolate and ice cream. This is what I usually serve, let me know your favorite waffle. I would love to here. Seriously, waffles have an amazing texture and delicious taste.

Try this new yummy flavor combo this year. Celebrate this Christmas with one of the most delicious winter fruits out there! Try some extra nutty flavor from the brown butter and make these waffles extreme.

Amazing Christmas Breakfast Delicious Waffles Chocolate buttermilk Belgian waffle

Honestly look at them!
How waffles could not be in choice!
In fact, it’s a perfect choice!
Go for it!
So don’t wait, and get ready for making this yummy delicious waffle. Try once!
Forget opening gifts and try delicious waffles this Christmas morning!


  • Remember to freeze extra waffles.
  • For fluffiness separate out egg yolk and the white before adding them to the butter.

To make your waffle more fluffy, do one thing, separate out egg yolk and white before adding to the butter. Stir them well, unless and until you see softness and fluffiness in the mixture.

  • Another way to get extra fluffiness is to substitute club soda for part of the liquid.

Yes! For making soft, do add ½ tsp of soda. When to add is also important. Add soda after your waffle mixture gets ready completely.

  • Beat egg whites with electric hand mixer until stiff peaks form. Gently fold egg whites into batter.

Make use of electric hand mixer. Using this hand mixer is easy, and will give you best result. Well, by our own hands we can’t stir/ or we can’t mix them well as much it is needed for fluffiness. So instead, make use of electric hand mixer.

  • Add a bit of spice

Waffle is a simple combination of eggs, butter, milk, salt, flour. It is a blank palette, waiting for your favorite spice. All spices give its own different flavor to waffle and make it more special for everyone.

  • Make your waffle iron non-sticky, grace it before using.

Don’t take the risk. It is always better to brush the iron with melted butter.

  • Do not lift the lid until iron stops steaming.

It is generally said that do not lift the lid until iron says to stop by indicating us. Lifting lid too soon may cause waffle rip.

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