Homemade Custard Pudding Recipe

Quick And Easy Homemade Custard Pudding For Christmas
Christmas Custard Pudding is a kind of pudding generally filled in as a component of the Christmas supper in the UK, Ireland and in different nations where it has been brought by British emigrants. Let’s make your Christmas with scrumptious Custard Pudding and keep your adored once upbeat being cooking Santa Clause. Custard is great in whatever form it is in. It has all shades of beautiful tastes.

Christmas means time for sweet dishes. The classy Turkish dish we call as the Custard Pudding. Yes, basically it comes from the Turkey tradition. But no matter what, when it comes to eating, we only consider the taste and the flavor of the food. Many people love clustered pudding. It’s popular from kids to the youngsters. All the grandma’s and grandpa’s love these puddings.

Many puddings you can find or see nearby you. I’m sure you’ll also love them. And don’t worry it is also easy to make at home. It’s not much hard and anyone can make it. Are eggs added to the pudding? It’s your choice. choose your favorite flavor. Custard treat is supposed as something special. It conveys sweetness and love, as it is sweet and flavorsome.

It is easy to make at home. One should try it by themselves once. I’m sure you will keep doing again and again. The clustered cooked mixture of milk, cream, and egg yolks are the heart of any dessert. They describe the importance of sweet food.Custard is also served with ice-cream nowadays.

Let’s start with the Ingredients.

  • Butter-1 cube(Unsalted )
  • Sugar-2 cup
  • Eggs-2
  • Milk-250ML
  • Hot Water

Quick And Easy Homemade Custard Pudding For Christmas egg and Milk sugar Custard Pudding


Let’s make the caramel sauce

Quick And Easy Homemade Custard Pudding For Christmas caramel sauce Custard Pudding

  • Coat the inner surface of pudding mold with the unsalted butter. This will make it easy to remove the pudding from the mold.
  • Take a pan on the flame. Pour 1 cup sugar into the pan and add 2-3 tbsp water into the sugar. Boil them over medium heat. Let it get boiled up to surface and become light colored. After that remove the pot from the heat. Quickly add 2 tbsp hot water to the pan but that way you avoid hot caramel to shrink and burn your hand.
  • Put the caramel evenly into the pudding mold.

Let’s make the egg mixture for pudding

  • Crack two eggs into the bowl, add eggs nicely with the balloon whisk.
  • Take another pan to heat up and take 250 ml milk into the pan and add 1 cup sugar into the milk and stir them with the help of a spoon until it heats up.
  • Add the milk.
  • Put the mixture into four pudding mold evenly.
  • Cover each pudding mold with the aluminum foil.
  • The foil will pretend the surface to get dried. It helps to steam the pudding evenly.
  • Heat water in the pan.
  • Keep the flame below the boiling point and steam the pudding 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes remove the pudding molds, when they cool, fridge them for 2 to 3 hrs.
  • Then remove the sides of the pudding with a knife and serve delicious pudding.

Quick And Easy Homemade Custard Pudding For Christmas Custard Pudding

When it comes to the thickness of the custard, be careful. Remember not to overcook it. Because everything is in thickness of custard. All the enjoyment is in the thickness. That’s the basic and most important thing you need to take care of. If you are new to custard making, the best thing to do is to replace two yolks with two teaspoons of cornflour. As the cornflour work as a thickener like the yolks, and also it stabilizes everything. So that you are less likely to make an error. The above recipe uses three yolks, but you want thicker custard then add another, or add another teaspoon of cornflour.

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