List of Tasty Dishes on Brunch Menu

Healthy Easter Brunch Menu Serves Delectable Dishes
The Easter is celebrated on the occasion of Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead. It is one of the most important and old festivals of Christians. Brunch is a combination of food items for breakfast and lunch. The Easter eggs and lambs are the main symbols of Christian. Easter is also a festival of togetherness. The Easter brunch menu has a lot to serve. Easter Sunday should be a feast for the close ones.  Here we’ll see the delicious dishes one can serve on the happy occasion of Easter.

An Easter Sunday will be made perfect by prayers, new clothes, festive mood and of course good food. An Easter brunch menu should serve the brunch which just not tasty but healthy too. The food should be such that it adds to the joy and mood of the beautiful festival.

Let us have a look at the dishes an Easter Brunch Menu serves:

1. Tangy potato salad

The salad has a high amount of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, and proteins. It has a sweet flavor with full of nutrition. The dish is made up of the ingredients like the red potatoes, medium size onion, eggs, dill pickles, fresh parsley, chicken broth, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, garlic powder, tomatoes and bacon strips. This is a typical German recipe. It does carry a classic taste of Germany.

Tangy potato salad, Eastern Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday, Brunch

This recipe was brought to America by the Europeans. In America, the potato salad is served cold with mayonnaise or mayonnaise-like substitutes (yogurt or cream), green and other vegetables. However, an original German potato salad is served warm with olive oil, vinegar, and bacon. An Easter Sunday will be perfectly celebrated with this tangy dish.

2. Parmesan Egg-in-a-Hole

This dish is high in fat, cholesterol, sodium content, carbohydrate, and proteins. It consists of the ingredients like the bacon, bread slices, unsalted butter, eggs, freshly grated Parmesan, fresh thyme leaves, black pepper, kosher salt and chopped chives. This dish is baked in an oven. By the time it gets baked, one can prepare a coffee to accompany a toast well.

Parmesan Egg-in-a-Hole, Easter Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday, Brunch

This dish involves less mess. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare it and therefore, is favorite of all. Since it is a quick dish, anyone can make it and fill his hunger. It proves to be a great brunch as it has high protein and carbohydrate values. It helps in nourishing the body-health.

3. Blueberry-Pecan Pancake Bread Pudding

It sounds delicious because one can enjoy bread pancake and bread pudding at the same time. It is served well with a coffee, juice, fresh fruits or a tea. The ingredients it consists are the floor, toasted pecans, sugar, baking soda, kosher salt, milk, sour cream, eggs, unsalted butter, fresh blueberries, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, honey, and lemon zest.

Blueberry-Pecan Pancake Bread Pudding, Brunch, Easter Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday

It is high in calories and carbohydrates. This ish is to treat yourself. Here Easter brunch menu meets with dessert! This pancake has a creamy sweet flavor which makes you energized for the remaining day. It fills your hunger and also satisfies your taste-buds. This brunch dish is mostly made on the Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday or any such special occasions to raise the bar of celebration.

4. Best Hot Cross Buns

It is a spiced sweet tasty bun. Buns have a reasonable amount of spice and fruity flavor. These tasty hot cross buns have been declared as the best buns in the World. The main ingredients include the white flour, caster sugar, mixed spice powder, cinnamon, lemon, salt, dried yeast, butter, milk, egg, sultanas, chopped peel, and oil.

Best Hot Cross Buns, Easter Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday, Brunch

The hot cross buns are considered as the number one Easter brunch menu dish. The hot cross buns are available in the flavors of the chocolate, cheese, fudge buns, to brioche, sourdough and also as wheat-free buns. The best five cross buns are the Morrisons, Lidl Deluxe hot cross buns, M&S luxury hot cross buns, and many more. This is an amazing dish for an Easter brunch menu.

5. Country Ham French Toast

French toast is always inviting. A french toast is easy to make and is delicious to taste. The french toast with a thin slice of ham makes a great combination. The main ingredients of these french toast contain the eggs, milk, pure maple syrup, pure vanilla extract, nutmeg, kosher salt, unsalted butter, thin slices of country ham, and slices of toast-style-bread.

Country Ham French Toast, Easter Brunch Menu, Brunch, Easter Sunday, French Toast

A slice of ham balances the sweet maple syrup when served along the french toast. It is a rich and classy dish. One should definitely try by himself to dive into the taste of this delectable Easter brunch dish.

6. Pesto-Ricotta Pie

The main ingredients contain the butter, large leek, eggs, cream, ricotta, grated parmesan, chunkily chopped pesto, freshly chopped parsley leaves, salt, and black pepper. This dish proves to be a show-stopper on an Easter Sunday when it comes out of the oven. A golden tasty pie attracts everyone.

Pesto-Ricotta Pie, Easter Brunch Menu, Brunch, Easter Sunday

If you’ve invited your friends to your home for an Easter Sunday and want them to be impressed, this brunch dish is surely a great choice. A pie is a symbol of union and love. This easy mouth-watering pie is a perfect Easter brunch menu dish to showcase your cooking and win the hearts of the people.

7. Mile-High Biscuit Sandwiches with Sweet Heat Hot Chicken

If you are from the south, you may not be very familiar with the biscuit’s love. Instead of a shop-bought biscuit, one should prepare his own freshly baked biscuits at home. And surely they are simple. This dish also demands such freshly baked biscuits. A sandwich with a biscuit is a popular Easter brunch menu dish.

Mile-High Biscuit Sandwiches with Sweet Heat Hot Chicken, Easter Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday, Brunch

The ingredients include the flour, yellow cornmeal, baking powder, cayenne pepper, kosher salt, black pepper, buttermilk, chicken cutlets, vegetable oil, hot sauce, and honey. The juicy fried chicken is complimented with sweet honey and spicy sauces. It tastes top of the world when buttermilk biscuits sandwiched into it.

8. One-Bowl Chocolate Banana Bread

It is an easy Easter Sunday dish as it is made in just one bowl. The banana bread full of chocolate chips is surely tempting. A banana bread is a heavy meal. Also, healthy enough as it contains banana which is full of Vitamin B6. The chocolates are high in calories and so this dish is a heavy brunch with lots of nutrients. Winters are the perfect season to serve this warm dish. A banana bread is full of health and taste. A delicious crisp to the Easter Sunday could be brought by this tasty banana bread.

One-Bowl Chocolate Banana Bread, Banana Bread, Easter Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday, Brunch

The ingredients include the ripe bananas, butter, sour cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt, flour, and chocolate chips. When it is made in a single bowl, the bread turns out to be very soft and moist. A simple banana bread tastes delicious. However, when packed with the chocolate chips, this banana bread turns out to be irresistible.

9. Creamy Bibb-and-Herb Salad

The ingredients include the buttermilk, mayonnaise, lemon juice, garlic cloves, kosher salt, pepper, fresh chives, bibb lettuce, fresh chervil, flat-leaf parsley leaves. This salad hardly takes any time to get prepared. The at least time it takes is of 10 minutes! In hardly 10 minutes, you are ready to serve your fresh brunch dish.

Creamy Bibb-and-Herb Salad, Easter Brunch Menu, Brunch, Easter Sunday

This combination of herbs with creamy salad proves to be very healthy and nutritious. The small kids who do not like eating herns a lot will surely love this dish.

10. Mushroom and Asparagus Pizza

The main ingredients of it include the dry yeast, sugar, lukewarm water, flour, semolina, salt, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, asparagus, fresh basil, parsley, and hot pepper oil. This is a highly uncomplicated pizza. Pizzas are always loved and welcomed. This pizza is perfect for a Spring brunch.

Mushroom and Asparagus Pizza, Easter Brunch Menu, Easter Sunday, Brunch

Above were some of the easy Easter brunch dishes that could be served on an Easter Sunday to make it special. The dishes are made of the traditional Easter ingredients like the asparagus, the ham, and etc. This brunch should be accompanied by drinks like a coffee, tea, fruit juice or a wine. They all are classy and equally healthy. Let us grab a bite into one of them!

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