Healthy Sweet Potato Soup

Healthy Sweet Potato Soup Winter Food
Here’s Healthy Sweet Potato Soup, special winter food! By adding vegetables, it gives little bit richness! Enjoy sweet potato soup recipe which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

This is a very simple recipe- Healthy Sweet Potato Soup, a winter Food. Sweet potatoes are excellent beauty food as they are high in vitamin A, vitamin B & vitamin C. Sweet potato is starchy and sweet in taste, a root vegetable. Generally thick brown skin outside with orange color flesh inside. It contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and also provides a high amount of fiber. Overall sweet potato soup provides a healthy and satisfying dinner in winter evenings. Generally, it includes iron, calcium, and selenium. One of the key benefits of sweet potato is that they are high in antioxidant which is commonly called as beta-carotene.

Today I’m offering you, my mamas, favorite side dish, suitable for every dish. It is an amazing dish. Creamy sweet potato soup ever. I believe that this soup would make the perfect starter for any meal. As the added hint of ginger really brings it to an exclusive level of festive exquisiteness.

If you are a fan of luscious soups that taste great, then this is the recipe for you. So it’s time to get to it!

The ingredient list you can find here.-

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Onion
  • Carrot
  • Beans
  • Garlic
  • Black Pepper
  • Vegetable stock
  • cream

Healthy Sweet Potato Soup Winter Food Sweet potato


 To begin with, let’s chop some vegetables.

Start with the sweet potatoes, and those should be cut into slices.

Healthy Sweet Potato Soup Winter Food slices of sweet potato

 Then move on to the carrots. Those should also have to cut into slices.

Now that I’m thinking about- Beans! Add beans. And all the vegetables should be cut into slices. So now you should chop rest of all the vegetables. Do add a few vegetables to it, to give a little bit of richness.

Make sure you make them all roughly in the same size, required for even cooking.

Tip all the vegetables into the pan, following no specific order, and then add ginger.

Turn on the heat to high and stir well to combine them.

Add freshly ground black pepper. And fry quickly in a little hot pan the vegetables for roughly 5 minutes, without adding any liquid. During this time the vegetables will caramelize a bit, adding some interesting roasted notes to the final soup.

Don’t worry if the ingredients are slightly caught in the pan. But also be careful not to let them burn.

Now add the stock and the vinegar. Then mix them once again to combine.

The final ingredient to add is the tofu. And there the hard work finishes. And all that remains to be done is to bring the liquid to a boil. Cover the pan with a lid. Lower the heat to the minimum. And cook the ingredients for exactly around 30 minutes. The liquid should simmer for the duration of the cooking time.

Once the time has elapsed, turn off the heat and remember to remove the ginger before moving on. As blending it into the soup will compromise the final flavor.

Once the ingredients are cool, simply blend them into the most amazingly smooth sweet potato soup. If you believe that the resulting soup is a bit too thick for your personal taste, simply add the touch of stock.

And blend again to turn it into your own perfect masterpiece. Once blended, remember to add salt if desired. So that the soup matches better with your own personal taste.

If you want to add a little bit of heat in this dish why not use a hint of cayenne pepper. To make things even more interesting and fiery, you can do it after the soup has been blended. By adding the spice a little at a time.

And here you’ll have the final sweet potato soup. Whilst cooking is beauty, the most amazing aroma spreads all over your house. It is one of the things I like the most about cooking.

Who doesn’t like having the inviting smell of delicious food, all over the place during festivals? Not only on the festival but this soup is demanded all over the year.Healthy Sweet Potato Soup recipe Winter Food Vegetables Vitamins and Minerals
So sweet potatoes don’t have to be just a side dish. They can actually make a really nice start to a meal as a soup. Loved this idea? Already we shared the recipe of the silky, luxurious soup. Now you may pass it on.

I hope you liked this recipe. The vegetable soup is very nutritious. The green leafy vegetable soup benefits many diseases. The diseases like the eye diseases, hair growth, skin nourishment, all can be done by eating vegetable soup. Healthy Sweet Potato soup is equally beneficial. One should follow the above-given procedure and try taking it regularly the healthy sweet potato soup. Many vitamins and minerals are obtained from these vegetable soup. One always wonder what to eat as the winter food? Winter, of all another season, makes one feel more hungry. Vegetable soup being hot and healthy prove to be a great winter food. Healthy Sweet Potato soup also is a very nutritious winter food.

Do enjoy the meal which is favorite and includes healthy soup. Have a great time!

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