The Mango Lassi - Tasty yet Refreshing Drink for Summers

Mango Lassi Recipe to Make Summers Sweeter
Want to kill the hot season with some Indian homemade drinks for summer? A Mango Lassi is a great choice for a summer drinks recipe! It is nothing but a mixture of homemade thick yogurt, pulpy mangoes, water, and sugar, all in an appropriate amount. It might sound simple, however, it’s tasty, healthy, and according to the Ayurveda great for digestion! One can make many variations with the Mango Lassi ingredients. Let us check the mouth-watering Mango Lassi recipe.

A Lassi is basically available in two types, the sweet and the bitter. According to the demands, one can choose one of these two. A Mango Lassi ingredients come out to make a sweet one. With a reason, that it already has a sweet fruit flavor and also added sugar makes the Lassi tastier than consuming it bitter. A Mango lassi recipe is one of the best summer drinks recipe.
There are many ways of preparing a Mango Lassi.

Mango Lassi Ingredients

1. Plain yogurt – 1 cup

2. Milk – 1/2 cup

3. Chopped ripe mangoes – 1 cup

4. 4 teaspoons sugar

5. Ground cardamom (According to the liking)

6. Ice (If required)

Mango Lassi Recipe ,Mango Lassi Ingredients, How to Make Mango Lassi, Homemade Drinks for Summer, Summer Drinks Recipe

How to Make Mango Lassi


1. Use the above-defined amount of Mangoes, Yogurt, Milk, Cardamom, Sugar from the list of Mango Lassi ingredients. Put them all in a blender and blend it was complete 2 minutes.

2. If it’s really hot day, one can add ice while blending or even can serve the glass of Mango Lassi with ice cubes floating on it.

3. Powder a pinch of cardamom to balance the sweet Mango Lassi.

Mango Lassi Recipe ,Mango Lassi Ingredients, How to Make Mango Lassi, Homemade Drinks for Summer, Summer Drinks Recipe

Other Innovations in the Basic Mango Lassi Recipe

1. Want the Lassi to Become Healthier? Add Artificial Vanilla

Instead of using simple milk in our Mango Lassi recipe, one can make use of vanilla soy milk. It gives a great texture and a chilling effect on homemade drinks for summer. How? Vanilla soy milk will smell and taste better over simple milk. This will also help to keep the smoothie thick. The best part is, the vanilla soy milk is good for the heart, therefore, this helps in not only nourishing the digestive system but also takes care of the heart. In this way, adding vanilla soy milk to your Mango Lassi ingredients will be beneficial. This will surely make a good summer drinks recipe and one can even greet their visitors with this exotic homemade drinks for summer.

2. An Alternative to the Actual Fruit – Frozen Mango Pulp

The non-Indians lacking the real mango tastes can prefer these frozen mango pulps. These mango pulps are available in near-by Indian store. Many have suggested that these frozen mango pulps taste better than the real pulps. It eliminates the over ripen taste of the mangoes and so is preferred over the real pulps. Maybe it might not give you with homemade drinks recipe or add an artificial effect, but this will surely make tasty summer drinks recipe.  However, according to some food lovers, it may at times lack the flavor and can spoil the sweetness of the Lassi. One can choose these as per their choice.

3. An Innovation Worth – Flavored Yogurt!

To add more to the innovation, one can also add the flavored yogurt to their Mango Lassi ingredients instead of the traditional homemade yogurt. This will add to a different but richer flavor. The Plain Fage Greek yogurt or the Chobani is always better than the other American brands. This will result in amazing summer drinks recipe that you can share with your friends.

4. Want to make it More Indian? Try Adding Coconut Milk with Turmeric

If one wants to try something different and more Indian, here is another way to make homemade drinks for summer. The coconut milk with turmeric makes the smoothie more healthy. It even tastes the best. The coconut milk is full of electrolytes, this will help one from restoring the energy wasted in the hot sun. The turmeric is healthy in terms of healing. Therefore, this will a great combination to go as your chilling homemade drinks for summer. Also, trying these innovations in the Mango Lassi ingredients will make your lunch menu more traditional yet tasty and fulfilling.

5. Want to Add Royalty to Your Mango Lassi Recipe? Add Almond Milk with Saffron

The almond milk will add a different flavor to the Lassi at the whole. It will not only innovate the taste of the Lassi but also will benefit you at your health. Almond milk is a great source of Vitamin D. A pinch of saffron will make the whole glass look highly tempting and attractive.

Mango Lassi Recipe ,Mango Lassi Ingredients, How to Make Mango Lassi, Homemade Drinks for Summer, Summer Drinks Recipe

The Mango Lassi is a treat during these killing summers. These beautiful homemade summer drinks were invented in the state of Punjab in India. The people here are fond of different tastes and equally are conscious about the health benefits. The Mangoes are served as a festive food here. The traditional Mango Lassi ingredients are very healthy to consume. This isn’t only used as a digestive cure but also a great summer drinks recipe over the world. One can see a number of dishes made out of single, simple fruit of Mango. One of them is this delicious, mouth-watering, and taste-buds satisfying Mango Lassi!

Medically, Mango Lassi ingredients contain lactobacilli, an important factor that lubricates our intestine. This helps in easy digestion. Homemade drinks for summer like the Mango Lassi recipe can cure gasses, bloating, and other stomach problems. The suggested time for consuming the Lassi is either while consuming the meal or after having it. One should surely try the above the Mango Lassi recipe to make their summers chilling. Also, try above innovations and let other friends also know how to make Mango Lassi taste better!

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