Healthy Spinach Rice Recipe

Spinach (Palak) Rice Recipe And Its Health Benefits
Why is Spinach Good for Health? It is a super sustenance stacked with huge amounts of supplements in a low-calorie bundle. Dim, verdant greens are imperative for skin, hair, and bone health.

As indicated by the USDA, Americans expend about 2½ pounds of spinach for each year per capita. This effortlessly quadruples the sum eaten 40 years prior, perhaps in light of the fact that the bubbled and-canned-to-take after kelp dish once served in school snacks is highly made strides. Presently greener, more delectable and crisper, spinach straight from the garden is frequently utilized for plates of mixed greens and set up of lettuce on sandwiches.

No simple vegetable at any point picked up the acclaim that spinach did in the 1960s through the toon character Popeye. Regularly futile, guardians urged their youngsters to eat their spinach so they would grow up to be huge and solid.

Health benefits

 Diabetes management

Apart from diabetes from the research study tells that we must have to include this Spinach- green leafy vegetables in our daily diet. Which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and non-starchy vegetable. It will help in to keep health well and keeps blood glucose level stable.

 Cancer prevention

Spinach is low in calories and low in fat and also power packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants that may help to reduce your risk of cancer. There are many cancer-fighting components present in spinach.  Some of the cancer experts also refer cancer as a “free radical” disease. Spinach is a source of antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C and E) which helps in lowering the cancer risk, by controlling levels of free radicals.

 Asthma prevention

Some nutrients like beta-carotene, consuming this lowers the risk of asthma. And spinach is the best source of this beta-carotene. So it is always good to eat spinach. There are also other fruits/ vegetables, which contain this beta-carotene like pumpkin, carrots.

 Lowering blood pressure

Low potassium is one cause of developing the low blood pressure. Spinach contains potassium in large amount. High intake of sodium(salt) causes blood pressure. By consuming spinach in a good amount, one will get potassium and this will helps to lower the blood pressure. In fact, the overall effect of eating spinach is, to lower the sodium level or maintain a level of sodium and potassium.

 Bone health

Low intake of vitamin K will cause risk of bone fracture. An adequate amount of Vitamin K is essential for our body, for bones. Spinach contains vitamin K which improves the calcium absorption and reduce urinary excretion of calcium.

 Promotes regularity

Spinach contains a good amount of water in it and high fiber in it. Both essential prevents from constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract.

 Healthy skin and hair

Spinach has a high amount of vitamin A. It keeps our hair moisturized. Also, vitamin A helps in growing all the bodily tissues, also includes skin and hair too. Not only spinach but all the other leafy greens are high in vitamin C and play a crucial role in building and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair.

Especially iron deficiency is one of the main cause of hair fall/hair loss. And those can be only prevented by adequate intakes of rich-iron food like spinach and all other leafy greens.

Spinach (Palak) Rice Recipe

Spinach recipe Spinach Health Benefits

  • Spinach (palak)- 1 bowl (cleaved)
  • Carrots-1 cup (chopped)
  • Onion – 1 cup (chopped)
  • Rice-1 container (doused For 1/2hr)
  • Jinjer garlic paste-1 tsp
  • Garam masala Powder – 2 tsp
  • Oil-2 tsp
  • Cumin seed-1/4 tsp

Take a dish put it on a middle flame, include 2tsp oil into it. Hold up until the point when the oil is warm and after that include ¼ tsp cumin seed into oil.
Cumin seed will begin browning and after that include hacked onion into it. Mix them well with the help of the spoon.
After onion browned include ½ ginger garlic paste and afterward include palak and salt as per your taste.
Include carrots in it and subsequent to blending include rice and 1 container heated water and cover it.
After 10 min our rice will be prepared.

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