Classy Christmas Cocktail - The Eggnog

Traditional Christmas Cocktail Classic Eggnog
Eggnog: A Classic Drink!
If Egg Yolks are not much satisfying, try the Eggnog. They are thicker, tastier and even healthy.
This dish will perfectly capture the taste of the celebration. I think, there’s no better way to warm up with a cup of eggnog. It is called as the winter drink.  It has become a holiday tradition for many centuries across the world.

This is traditionally made out of milk, cream, eggs, sugar, rum or whiskey.
It tastes like melted ice cream texture. This itself sounds delicious.
It’s very sweet, rich and heavy. It’s somewhere between an unset custard and pudding.

Now wait for a second- many of you must have heard “Eggnog” like “Oh my god, that’s disgusting”. But it is actually delicious. Ever tasted vanilla ice-cream, custard, milkshakes? Liked it? Yeah, then you are going to love eggnog!

Nowadays, the popular holiday drink has been adopted by Americans. And its associated with Christmas. This is more popular in America, despite the fact that its developed in Britain and then transferred to America. This is particularly famous around the Christmas time because of its warm temperature and the addition of the various flavors.  America is a country having lots of farms. That means they were having lots of dairy animals and chickens fetch their need of milk and eggs.  And Eggs + milk + booze = eggnog.

Traditional Christmas Cocktail Classic Eggnog

In short, let’s discuss how to make this:
So cream, milk, sugar, brandy, rye whiskey, Jamaica rum, sherry—
Firstly mix the liquor. You need to separate out the yolks and the whites of eggs. Now add sugar to the beaten yolks. Mix them well. Stir them until they get fluffy. Now its time to give them flavor. So add cream, slowly beating.  Beat whites of eggs until stiff. Let it set in cool place for several days. Taste frequently.

You can drink it cold or drink it hot, you can add coffee to it or have it as a dessert. You can spike it with rum, bourbon or cognac. It’s a delicious treat one can receive.

You can make eggnog with a slight twist that is eggnog with chocolate and cardamom and rum. It’s going to be amazing. Wonderful time of the year is when you share it with your family and friends. A wonderful treat. The harmony between the spices especially of the cardamom, the chocolate, the little bit of bitterness from cocoa and the lovely warmth, ham, and sort of sweetness from the rum. It’s good but it’s surrounded by big kind of fluffy cloud. It’s delicious. So here you can give a lovely twist on the classy eggnog, chocolate eggnog with beautiful aged spiced rum, a little bit of cardamom and chocolate. Try once.

Traditional Christmas Cocktail Classic Eggnog

The market suddenly shows up during the holidays and as new offerings at coffee shops because of this magical cocktail.

No matter you love or hate this egg-based cocktail, eggnog is a staple of the Christmas season. Since fresh milk and eggs were more expensive than whatever alcohol added, eggnog was a special occasion drink even for the rich.  You can simply define eggnog cocktail as a mixture of wine, spirits, eggs, and sugar. Modern commercial manufacturers add gelatin and some thickeners.

“Tom and Jerry” is one of the popular hot eggnogs and this was invented by a British journalist. He made this by using brandy and rum added to eggnog and he served hot usually in a mug or a bowl. Now it is a traditional Christmastime cocktail. You can serve this in glasses, mugs or stemmed brandy snifters in whichever way you love to have it.
Go and get your Eggnog! If not tried yet, make one at home. Easy to make at home. And enjoy with your loved one.
Believe or not, but eggnog has something in special which drives everyone to it and you tend to love it.

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