List of Christmas Dinner Dishes

Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas!
Looking for some Traditional Christmas Dinner menu ideas? I have got some fantastic ideas for making your Christmas complete tasty. Some twist and new ideas definitely will prove to make your celebration worth it.
Party, food, and drinks are the particulars which the Christmas more awaiting.
Because It’s Christmas after all!
Dinner with Roasted Ham including delicious waffles with sweet chocolate cake and with an inclusion of Classic Eggnog!
People will never stop talking about this Christmas dinner!

One of the big festivals celebrated in winter season is Christmas. Christmas becomes everyone’s favorite part of the holiday. There are so many great things about Christmas. One of them is the presents, and rest all of them are food. This sounds crazy but its true! Instead of buying, why not to make your own and add some different twists to it? I personally suggest you some Christmas dinner menu ideas. Like you can have traditional Ham dish for the dinner while you can start your Christmas morning with delicious waffles with a bite of Chocolate Cake! Woah, yes and you can’t just ignore the Traditional Christmas Classic Eggnog. You can serve it in several different ways. The mixture of wine, spirits, eggs, and sugar, everyone loves it more.

One more thing, I’m sure you’ll love to celebrate traditional Christmas in modern ways, isn’t it? This is the beauty you can create in your own way. The choice is all yours. If not ham, you can go for the pork food dishes which are really good for health. Or else you can simply make Chicken Tikka Masala, the all-time favorite dish of everybody. Such mouthwatering dishes lits up the dinner.

Remember to bring a Slight touch of sweet and tasty homemade chocolate cake with various different flavors. Which are also easy to make. There’s nothing like a hot cocktail Eggnog to warm up in winter. This must be included in the list, surely! Just like chocolate cake you can go down to the traditional route or hit up yours.

The choice is all yours. Grab this chance today & start planning your Christmas to make it catchy and let the people talk about your Christmas dinner party.
A simple treat to make with the ingenious use of homemade Mexican fried Icecream. They will share perfection at the End!

Here is the list:

You can refer to make your Christmas special.

 Traditional Christmas cocktail

Looking for traditional Christmas dinner? Oh yes, then you can’t miss this wonderful eggnog. They have to be on your list. Try easy and classy eggnog. Everyone loves these eggnogs as their dish. You can enjoy at home with your soulmate or you can enjoy with your family, kids. They will also love this classic eggnog. Eggnog can be your special treat!

 Chocolate cake

Yummy! Chocolate cake name itself sounds yummy. While eating we just forget all the worries about everything. And we just enjoy the taste. Chocolate cake is pure love for many, in fact, we all are chocolate lovers. You should also try with easy steps. Go and make it. It will become more delicious if you cook it with your beloved ones.

 Ham dish

When it’s Christmas, Ham is a must for dinner. One of the traditional dishes, especially made on the occasion of Christmas. Some safety needs to be taken while making ham dish. But it’s not that too hard. The mouth-watering recipe will make everybody happy at the dining table. Holiday favorite dish I would say, right?

 Delicious waffles

Christmas morning would be more amazing with these waffles. Healthy and delicious! So why can’t be anyone’s choice? Try making waffles in a variety of combinations. In fact many and many more. Yes, you can have eggless waffles and egg added waffles. You can have chocolate waffles or else you can make healthy pumpkin waffles. The choice is yours! But definitely, try it!

 Mexican fried ice cream

Don’t like cake? Okay, Ice-cream is also here! Ice-cream is a sure acceptable dessert for everyone. The sweet, soft and melting cream in the mouth is made more favorable if added with one’s liked flavors. And about Mexican fried ice-cream, one should go through the recipe and try once to please the dear ones.

 Pork food

A healthy diet and extremely divine taste – pork food! Food containing high protein and which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

 Custard pudding

Basically cream caramel’s bigger, richer, testier, heavier, healthier, and Filipino cousin. People who tried this first time, definitely go for the second time.

 Chicken tikka masala

Chicken! Tikka masala has many flavors, spices and vivid color of the traditional dish.

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