Traditional Ham For Christmas Dinners

Traditional Christmas Ham Dinner With Glaze
Christmas is celebrated in many different ways, in many countries around the world. But some traditions in today’s modern world still include Christmas ham, for their Christmas dinner. Hams are like Christmas centerpiece on family tables. The ham is one of the traditional Christmas dinner plates.
The famous ham is a taste of celebration, therefore its served with many other side dishes tasting delicious. Many families make it a special aspect of a Christmas lunch or dinner, by adding their own secrets to the ham. Preplanning must be needed for Christmas lunch or dinner. And this is the key secret for safe, organized dinner or lunch.

And when it comes to Christmas ham, you will definitely need to plan ahead. So I’ve got some food safety tips while making Christmas ham. There are plenty of recipes you can find but some basic tips which will help you to enhance the flavor of the ham. Those you have to keep in mind before we are going to prepare and bake the ham. From carving and decorating to leftover recipes and storage, the following tips include everything you need to know to get the most out of your ham this Christmas.

Traditional Christmas Ham Dinner With Cut in a zigzag pattern

A clean working environment with Cooking Safely is essential for the prevention of contamination in working with ham and other meats. It is important to remember not to overcook ham.

 Proper Storage should be done.

Most hams should be stored out of the temperature zone in which bacteria grows quickly. A range between 40°F and 140°F is a danger temperature zone. Fresh ham can be stored in a refrigerator for several days. Don’t leave the ham at room temperature for maximum than two hours. If you are going to use ham within four days of cooking then it should be frozen. This depends on how your ham is initially stored. If you freeze your ham it will remain eatable for approximately two months. One needs to check the temperature of their refrigerator. And remember do not slice the ham until serving otherwise slices will lose moisture and dry out faster than uncut pieces.

Removing Rind and Scoring Your Ham

A well-presented ham looks better than anything. Cut in a zigzag pattern. Run a knife under the rind and lift it off in one piece. Also, use a sharp knife to cut diamond squares into the ham. The exposed ham can be covered by the leftover rind and will keep it moist during storage.

 Decorating Your Ham

Decorating a ham will help turn it into a visual as well as a gastronomic feast.
Firstly Remove the rind as per the step one above.
Second is to score the fat in a diamond pattern as mentioned above
And finally using a skewer, punch a hole in the center of each diamond and insert a clove.

Adding a Glaze

Now here comes part to enhance the flavor of your ham, glaze the rind. Whatever it may be to glaze your ham from honey and mustard to lime or rum and ginger, glazes can be made to suit your taste. On a wire rack place your decorated ham in a large baking dish. Brush the surface of the ham with your glaze of choice. Other glaze flavors to keep in mind include orange, apricot, cranberry, honey and mustard, marmalade or mandarin.

Now when it comes to glazing your ham, you have options for that and serve it either hot or cold. When serving it cold, you do not have to be compelled to glaze your ham whereas it’s cooking. One can glaze it a day or two days before eating it, store it in the fridge and serve it cold.

Traditional christmas dinner Ham Dinner With Decorating Ham

Correct Carving Technique can give you the most out of your Christmas.

The left outs of the ham should not be wasted. An innovative cook always finds out a solution to not waste the leftovers. The ham could be paired well with the casseroles, pies, pizzas, etc.

So these are some ideas and tips on this special occasion to make delicious meals for the family to enjoy. Well, now I’m sure that you will not find any difficulty while baking a ham. There are a few dishes those go well with the ham. Some of them are as follows.

Traditional christmas dinner Ham Dinner With Decorating Ham

So, here are some tasty dishes that will complete your festival feast. Once you have decided to cook ham, you start planning what other tasty dishes might go with the ham. Everything? Of course!  but those should get mingled with your ham dish.

Here are some dishes those go well with the ham. You can have Chicken Tikka Masala with ham, which will add its masala taste, you can go with the egg dishes, spicy-sweet combination dishes, else go with the salads like summer the fruit & spinach salad or roasted vegetables like spinach. So do focus on combinations too, does matter.

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