Different Types Of Wine

Different Types Of Wine
The human kind gets terrified with an idea of getting old and losing the zest for life. However, the substance which grows more relishing with age is Wine. Its taste gets more addictive during the growing years. There are different types of wine classified on the basis of the types of grape being used. Different types of wine have their own distinctive properties. Hence making them as a popular source of drinks in the parties and functions.

The different types of wine have a variety of tastes. There is a diversity of opinions and liking about every type of wine. According to Cain Todd, the words like “elegant” and “balanced” are equally expressive as like “tannin” and “acidic” for wine. The different types of wine according to the philosophers is a boon to the birth and growth of new thoughts. Basically, the different types of wine are classified into two main types as the red wine and the white wine.

Different Types Of Wine grapes and wine glass

The red wine is made of red grapes. While the white wine is made of white grapes. The red wine consists of the seeds and the skin of the grape. Therefore, after fermentation, they get their red color. On contrary, white wine does not contain any seed or skin of the grape. They are pressed out before the fermentation process is done. The red wines are aged in oak barrels. The white wines are aged in stainless steel vats. There are again different types of wine classified under these two main wines.

Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir are the types of red wines. Let us study these different types of wine and get known to their properties.

Syrah wine

The name originates from a similar word ‘Shiraz’. ‘Shiraz’, was the capital of the Persian empire (modern-day Iran). It was called as the ‘Shirazi-wine’. It’s a dark-skinned grape primarily used for the production of red wine. The moderate climate tends the grape to grow with a high level of tannin. Flavors of blackberry, mint and black pepper get added too. However, in hot climates, the grape grows more fruity with softer tannin and a flavor of spices too.

Different Types Of Wine Syrah wine

Merlot wine

The name ‘Merlot’ is derived from a local blackbird at Bordeaux city in France named ‘Merlau’. The bird was fond of the ripen grapes kept for wine. The Merlot wine is soft, fruity and sweet. It’s a blue-colored grape variety. It gives the flavors of Black cherry, Plum, and Raspberry. Merlot wine contains less level of tannin. Therefore, America’s second preferred type of wine is Merlot wine. Merlot wine should be left to breathe. Which means, the wine when served should be left open in the air for around an hour to get oxidized. This makes the Merlot wine softer and sweeter. The Merlot wine being acidic and minimal at its tannin quantity is preferable to the aging process.

Different Types Of Wine Merlot wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

Its also originated from the Bordeaux city of France. This type of wine contains a high level of tannin and acidity. It gives a flavor of mint and eucalyptus if they are grown in a warmer climate. The Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its dark color. When its sip in, it dries the mouth. It’s a dry wine which means not sweet. It is preferred to drink with a company of good food. Especially, on the occasions of celebration. Its an accidental breed happened to be of a Cabernet Franc grape plant variety and white Sauvignon Blanc grape plant. Its famous for its healthy tannin level, its dryness, and fruity flavor.

Different Types Of Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir was found again in France. It was originated in the Burgundy region of France. Pinot noir is one of the most liked and famous wines. They are thin-skinned, light-colored, contain low tannin level and low phenolic compounds. This makes Pinot noir less preferable foraging. Its observed that when young Pinot Noir tastes more like cherries, raspberries, and cranberries. Their aroma is amazing.¬† However, with aging their aroma turns a bit vegetal. Pinot noir is also used for the production of the sparkling wines such as Champagne. It’s very difficult to grow. Therefore, Pinot Noir is the most romanticized wines in the world. High prices are auctioned on Pinot noir.

Different Types Of Wine Pinot Noir

Among the different types of wine now let us move towards the white wines. Which one to prefer among the different types of wine? The red wines are always put first as they are recommended for a number of health issues. However, as said the different types of wine has their own significance. White wines are favorite of many people. Let us take a look at the types of white wine.


Riesling was originated at Rhine region from Germany. It has an aroma which is fresh, fruity and perfumed. Its acidity level is high. Its flavor includes the gooseberry, peach, green apples, honey, and rose. It has a crisp or a bit sour flavor because of its acidity level. It is a dry, sweet and fragranced white wine. Spicy food accompanies well with this wine. While others think Riesling as a sweet wine, research says it has a unique flavor of slate rocks too.

Different Types Of Wine Riesling


Chardonnay is originated from Burgundy region in France. In cool climate regions, Chardonnay tastes like green pulp, apples, and peers with higher acidity level. In warmer regions, it tastes like citrus, peach, melon and has less acidity level. Chardonnay is a dominant ingredient used in sparkling wines such as Champagne. Growing Chardonnay is easy. Therefore, it is most preferred. The winemakers found that the Chardonnay becomes more inviting if aged in oak. However, in 80’s, 90’s the winemakers over-oaked the Chardonnay and butter-bombs were produced. The taste of Chardonnay literally started resembling liquid butter. This incident created many haters for the versatile Chardonnay.

Different Types Of Wine Chardonnay

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc was originated in Bordeaux region of France. It’s a green-skinned fruity type of grape. Its name “Sauvignon Blanc’ refers to ‘wild white’. As Sauvignon means ‘wild’ and Blanc means ‘white’. It has a grassy wild taste which is balanced by other flavors of green bell pepper. It’s crispy and elegant. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the few wines which is paired well with cheese, fish, and sushi. Acidity level in Sauvignon Blanc is considerably more and hence called ‘crispy’. International Sauvignon Blanc Day is celebrated on the first Friday of the may month. Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing dry wine with a great aroma and a wild grassy flavor. It is most preferred to serve Sauvignon Blanc as young. Aging is mostly not chosen.

Different Types Of Wine Sauvignon Blanc


They have a great aroma and are used in making of white wines. The skin of this grape is nearly pinkish red. Therefore, they are used as white wines. It has more alcohol quantity, aromatic nature, and lower acidity. It has a slightly sweet flavor mostly because of its fragrance. The origin of the wine is from  Alsace region of France. Its a semi-dry wine with sweet flavor involved.

Different Types Of Wine Gewurztraminer

Wine is a sign of luxury and comfort. Also, it is defined by many great thinkers and philosophers about how fascinating and addicting a Wine could be. The different types of wine prove the elegance, beauty, and aroma of them. Also, the wines like Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon are recommended as a health tonics. Chardonnay white wine is used for Champagne. While Sauvignon Blanc is also a popular drink among white wines. The different types of wine have their unique flavors, history, aroma, and story. Wines hence were and will always be symbolizing prosperity and celebration of joy.

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