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Do you have anger or anxiety issues? When something upset you how do you handle it? Damn you throw things? Ohh, punch a wall? Anger issues come into picture due to excess stress, jealousy problems, and other negative emotions. Anger management is therefore very necessary as, without proper ventilation, anger issues ruin one’s personal life.

You yell and scream say things that hurt people’s feelings and once you calm down you regret. However, your anger issues manifest the reality and it is that your inability to handle situations calmly. Maybe doing more damage than you realize. We all know somebody with a need for anger management, right? So how often do you hang out with them? Probably not that much. It only takes a few times of being around and before you are like your liability.

I don’t want you to be one of the bad tempers. So today I’m going to talk over some temper tips to help you manage your bad moods.

1# Learn to identify what situations or circumstances end up setting you up. What’s makes you mad? Because until you identify what situations really just take you to level high you are never going to be able to control it. Once you identify the situations or the circumstances that make you super pissed or upset or lose control then you can try not to be or get yourself in those situations.

Avoidance, but avoidance is not so good when it’s other friends looking at your girl/ your boy, right? It makes you crazy jealous and just infuriated with rage, well you can’t just go out of the house. So you need to move on to the tip number two.

2# Identify the stress, jealousy or a wrong feeling as soon as it starts. Because it doesn’t normally when we get upset it builds, it’s not something that just all of a sudden bang you’re in this crazy emotional scenario. It can gradually increase, escalate quickly but if you can identify that feeling you get when you intensely angry or upset then you can deal with it. If you can identify the feeling when it first starts you can do things to help you not escalate and really it’s this escalation that gets things just a way out of hand and out of control.

Remember it’s ultimately about control

  • You controlling your emotion
  • You are not necessarily meant to control how you react to certain things. Fact that things get you upset but you can control the escalation of the anger.

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