Important Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C Helps Get Good Skin And Hair
Vitamin C – It helps to heal the acne, scars, and cuts quickly. To a fact, it cures the uneven skin tone, dark circles, wrinkles and lines, and dullness of the skin. It improves the skin texture, the hair growth and helps weight loss! And this all is not just natural but also effective. How? Let us take a look at it.

Vitamin C also known as the Ascorbic acid is a must in maintaining the immunity, bone strength, connectivity of tissues, supple joints, oral health and flexibility of the body. Deficiency of it causes the hair loss, dull skin, gum bleeding, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, and slow injury recovery. One with sufficient content of it has smooth and clear skin texture, long and beautiful hair growth and doesn’t have to workout for the weight loss.

Fact – Vitamin C cures the uneven skin tone, hair fall, wrinkles, dark circles and helps the skin to glow and look younger!

Beauty Benefits Of Vitamin C

1. Helps One Look Younger

There are many benefits of Vitamin C. Pollution and aging weaken some tissues of the skin. These tissues hold the skin tight and make it elastic. Collagen is an amino acid helping the tissue to do so. Pollution and aging extract this Collagen from the skin resulting in wrinkles and lines. It rejuvenates the production of Collagen under the skin, hence helps you to look younger again.

Skin Texture, Benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin C

2. Improved Skin Texture

As it rejuvenates the Collagen content in the body, the tissues of the skin are nourished well. Which means, the tissues due to Collagen are tightened and lightened. This improves the skin texture, hence helps the skin glow.

Vitamin C, Benefits of Vitamin C, Skin Texture

Fact – Vitamin C improves the production of Collagens. This tightens and lightens the skin, makes it smooth and glowing.
3. Hair Growth

Proper hair growth is a major issue nowadays. There are harmful free radicals in the body causing the breakage of the hair or even the split ends. Deficiency of Vitamin C is symbolized by the dryness, dullness, and breakage of the hairs. Vitamin C improves the health of the scalp by preventing fungal dandruff. It helps in the hair growth and quality of it.

Skin Texture, Hair Growth, Benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin C

4. Must For Nail Art Lovers

Vitamin C stimulates the biochemicals for the growth of the nails. The people loving long nails and the art of nail-polishes should surely have a high content of Vitamin C in their body. It helps in the quick growth of the nails. Growing of nails quickly is one of the signs of a healthy body.

Vitamin C, Benefits of Vitamin C

Fact – Vitamin C promotes the hair growth and nail growth.
5. Helps Healing Of The Injuries

A good content of Vitamin C helps in quick healing of the injuries. It is an antioxidant. Vitamin C cures the harmful free radicles. Helps in healing and protecting from spreading other infections.

6. Protects From The Sun

Vitamin C, an antioxidant, helps in preventing the skin from the UV rays of the sun. These UV rays are responsible for tanning the skin. It also makes the skin look dull and pale. The Vitamin C helps in protecting the skin from such rays. Many sunscreen lotions have Vitamin C in them so as to protect.

Skin Texture, Benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin C

Body Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

  1. It Boosts The Immunity

The body suffers from various bacterias, viruses from the atmosphere. If one’s immune system is strong, the body can remain healthy in all conditions. Vitamin C improves the immunity and thus do not allow the pathogens to affect the health of the body.

  1. Health Of Eye

One suffers from eye-dryness because of the deficiency of Vitamin C. Due to the raised histamine levels, friction is created between the two layers of the eye: the bulbar and palpebral. This causes the irritation and dryness of the eyes. However, Vitamin C helps the eyes to convert this histamine into hydantoin-5-acetic acid. It also helps lower the risk of cataracts by whole 20 %.

Fact – Vitamin C helps in the conversion of harmful histamine biochemical to hydantoin-5-acetic acid. This cures eye-irritation and other allergies of the body!
  1. Oral Health

One of the early sign of deficiency of Vitamin C is the bleeding of gums. The connective tissues are weakened due to the deficiency of this Vitamin. Weakening of this tissues causes the breakage of the capillaries. This causes bleeding of the gums. Vitamin C protects the gums and the oral health from any such damages.

  1. Helps In The Weight Loss

This Vitamin helps in the weight loss! It increases the metabolism in the body. This improves our digestive system hence helping us from saturating the fats. It also improves the oxidation of the fats of the body, which helps in gradually in reducing the weight.

Fact – Vitamin C helps in the oxidation of the fats in the body, hence effective for the weight loss!
  1. Allergies Are Brought Into Control

Allergies in the body are mostly caused due to a biochemical called the histamine. This Vitamin converts this histamine into hydantoin-5-acetic acid. This saves the body from causing the allergies.

  1. Treats Lead Content

There are both types of the studies. One saying that it does help to reduce the lead content in the body while the other denies this fact. However, according to the former study, the excess lead content in a smoker’s body can be effectively cured by this Vitamin. Deficiency of it contributes to the increase in the amount of lead in the blood.

  1. Helps The High Blood Pressure Patients

This Vitamin acts as a diuretic, this helps in removing the useless sodium and water from the body. This helps the kidneys to purify and remove the sodium from the body. This automatically helps in lowering the pressure on the cells. Hence, curing blood pressure.

From major diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases to the hair growth and skin texture improvement, this Vitamin type is essential to the health of the human body. It is majorly found in :

Fruits like guava, black currant, red pepper, kiwi, green peppers, orange, strawberries, papaya, lemons, etc. Vegetables like potato, radishes, spinach, tomato, cauliflower, etc have the amount of Vitamin C to benefit the body.

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