Great Career Opportunities in Psychology

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No wonder, people on a large scale are turning towards a career in psychology. There are different fields in psychology. A psychologist is a person who treats a patient suffering from different abnormal or unstable mental states. A psychologist observes, keeps records, interprets, and cures accordingly. However, the mental disorders always do not require the cure in the form of medicines. Also, they could be solved with consultations, verbal conversations, and certain activities to practice help in curing the same. Taking care of the mental health of the patient is the main motive. There are different fields in psychology the clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, counseling psychologist being common in them. The health of the patient is tried to be improved with sports and exercise.

Psychology term today do not limit only till the normal clinic-consultations but has spread wider. The career in psychology is escalating. Surprisingly, the other professions are equally getting the importance and demand in the working society. Stress and anxiety have so much contributed to the mental instabilities of the people. Following is the list of different fields in psychology that one can take upon

⦁ Clinical Psychologist

This is the basic branch. The people suffering from their daily routine stress, anxiety out of work, and emotional or mental pressures are treated inside a four-walled clinic room. The education needed for becoming a clinical psychologist is

1. Ph.D. in Psychology
2. Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
3. PsyD or Doctor of Psychology

Basically, a clinical psychologist can treat normal chronical diseases, different mental disorders, and psychological instabilities. They mainly consist of diabetes, obesity, depression, stress, anxiety, bipolarity, and child issues like the Asperger’s syndrome. A clinical psychologist is a common type of career in psychology.

⦁ Counseling Psychologist

These psychologists do not recommend medicines or any of the medical treatments. The psychologists purely believe in the consultations. They analyze the background of the patient and find that gender, various human traits, religion, sexual orientations, disabilities, and other societal aspects affect the mental health of the person.
The counseling psychologists try to treat these instabilities via vocal conversations. They make frequent appointments with the patient to keep a watch on them.

Education needed for becoming Counseling Psychologists

1. Ph.D. or PsyD in the field of Counseling Psychology

The doctor should be skilled in communicating. Also, should be good in analytical skills.

⦁ Educational Psychologist

It is based on the student level. The people below the certain age suffer from various pressures, societal bullies, and different kinds of inferiorities. An Educational Psychologist helps in consulting these disturbed children. The psychologist basically observes and notes the basic human behavior and makes their positive opinion accordingly.

⦁ Forensic Psychologist

The forensic psychologists study the patterns and traits of a criminal’s behavior. The psychologists take the help of the family members of the criminal (patient) to treat their mentality.
Basically, these psychologists treat the fundamental thought of committing a crime. Criminals are treated in this way.

⦁ Health Psychologist (Medical Psychologist)

This is an interesting field of Psychology. This just not consider the health of the patient but also the mental instability and psychological effects he goes across is observed. The stress anxiety of the patients is observed. If required they even regulate sports and exercise. Hence, treated.
Also, the psychologist in the health field gets to learn about various medical facts. The health psychologist is supposed to work on the mental health of the patient. He observes how the external disease affects his mentality and emotional strength. Thus, he tries to build up the will.

⦁ High-Intensity Therapist

These psychologists are majorly in demand in today’s day to day life. They cure depression and anxiety. It is natural how the people from different age groups, most of all the fields suffer from the daily stress and their add ups.
They direct the thoughts of the patients in a correct way. They converse, analyze, and accordingly make solutions to the thought process of the patient. This will result in reduced stress. Thus, providing more life to the patient.

⦁ Occupational Psychologists

This is more of a professional job. This demands to work in the corporate world. The occupational psychologists fill the communication gaps between the workers and the machines. They tend to apply the psychological principles for the workplace problems. This is a good career in psychology. The different fields in psychology give an opportunity to find different jobs.

⦁ Sport and Exercise Psychologist

The Sport and exercise psychologists learn more about the biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology, and psychology. It studies the stress, anxiety, and other psychological problems. They find it’s solutions via exercising and sporting.
This is a great field and involves an interaction with the professional as well as the local people.

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