World's Unexpected Lucky Charms

Carp Fish Scales | World's Unexpected Lucky Charms
The idea that a lucky charm can protect you from the evils, can bring good fortune to you, and also one can add it to their accessories! This attracts any individual. The Carp Fish scales, Worry Dolls, Dream Catcher, Maneki Neko, Tumi, Scarab, and others are some of the unexpected lucky charms in the world with their unexpected history. However, it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

There are different types of lucky charms found in different parts of the World. Some are dolls, statues, fish scales, ornaments, and wall hangings. Even the animals like the elephants, dolphins, pigs, and carp fish are considered to be lucky. Following are some of the lucky charms followed by certain countries. Let’s go through their interesting facts.

♦ Carp Fish Scales

In Poland, the food made up of Carp fish is served on Christmas eve, it is a delicious dish. More than that, after completing the yummy dish, the people believe in preserving the Crap fish scales. These carp fish scales prove to be one of the lucky charms for the people preserving it. One keeps these carp fish scales in their wallets, lockers, or even as showpieces.

Carp Fish Scales Lucky Charm of Poland

♦ Dala horse

These are the wooden statues. They should be placed in the areas of the house/office where the people cross this artistic toy often. Giving a glance at this while passing by is considered to be lucky or gives positive vibes to work. They are considered as the lucky charms in Sweden. It was originated in the Dalarna region of Sweden. A Dala horse is a symbol of wisdom, faithfulness, and dignity.

Carp Fish Scales Lucky Charms Sweden Dala horse

♦ Red Bats

China considers these red bats as their lucky charms. They are considered as their savior from the evil. They believe that the five red bats symbolize good health, longevity, love, wealth, and virtue.

♦ Dolphins

These pretty creatures are considered to be the next intelligent animals after humans. They were considered as a flag of good news to the sailors sailing in the sea or the oceans. Their appearance in the ocean used to infer the sailors about the nearby location of the land. Therefore, in Rome, the Dolphins are considered as their lucky charms.

Unexpected Lucky Charms Dolphins Rome

♦ Elephants

They are considered not only lucky charms but also holy in India. The Lord Ganesha, one the main deities of the Indians is worshiped and is considered to have a head of an elephant. The elephants here are praised and worshiped.

World's Unexpected Lucky Charms India Elephants

♦ Figa Charm

Considered as the lucky charms in Brazil. The closed fist says that the good energy is saved and stored. It keeps away from the bad auras and vibes and so, are considered to be lucky. They are used and wore here as their beautiful and creative ornaments, into their keychains, hall showpieces, etc.

♦ Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is an extremely attractive art piece and is originated by the Americans. It is a combination of the web and the feathers. A dream catcher has other decorative articles like the colorful beads, textiles, and many more. The web in a dream catcher is supposed to entangle all the bad dreams and the feathers are believed to redirect the path to good dreams. One is suggested to make his own dream catcher. Without the use of any metal, artificial textures, and should make an effort to create his own dream catcher himself in order to get effective results.

Dream Catcher Lucky Charms America

♦ Hamsa

Considered as the lucky charms by the Islamic countries, it has got many names such as the ‘Hamesh’, ‘Hamsa’, ‘khamsa’, and the ‘Chamsa’. It is believed that it protects one from the evil eye of the opposite person. Hamsa is nothing but an image of a palm. The hand is considered to be of the God’s. It is worn mainly as a pendant. However, available in key chains, child carriages, paintings, etc.

World's Unexpected Lucky Charms Hamsa Islamic country

♦ Scarab

A Scarab is considered to be lucky in Egypt. A Scarab is the one who lay his eggs in the dung balls through rolling. They are also related to one of the deities, Khepri, which makes them as the lucky charms for the people. A Scarab symbolizes birth and rebirth and the protection from the evil.

World's Unexpected Lucky Charms Scarab egypt

♦ Nazar

It is believed as a lucky charm in Turkey, India, and many other countries. It is followed by the people that if one is praised or appreciated a lot, an evil eye may cause bad to her/him. A Nazar is trusted to protect from such evil eyes. It is always made of a blue, light blue, black and white shades of a glass.

World's Unexpected Lucky Charms Nazar turkey and India

♦ Maneki Neko

The meaning of the word is, ‘beckoning cat’. There are many stories which infer the readers that how the cats saved the lives of the people. It was originated in Japan. The cat comes in various colors, appearances, and accessories. Every type and part of it conveys one or the other benefits. Example, a right paw raised cat is considered to bring good fortune while the left paw raised brings customers.

World’s Unexpected Lucky Charms Maneki Neko Japan

♦ Tumi

The Tumi followed by the people of Peru. A Tumi is available as an art piece to hang on the walls. Tumi is usually made up of bronze, gold, silver, or copper. The walls, halls, are decorated with these art pieces of Tumi. Beautiful yet lucky, this Tumi is believed by many.

♦ Pigs

In Germany, pigs are considered as a lucky charm. It was a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It also represented that the person owning it is well established and that he will never fall short of his basic needs.

World's Unexpected Lucky Charms pig Germany

♦ Worry dolls

The Worry dolls are followed in Guatemala. They are tiny art pieces made by hands. Worry dolls are the traditional dolls which are considered to take away all the bad dreams. They are made out of wood, wires, cotton, cardboard, or clay. The worry dolls look beautiful and measure hardly to some mm. They are put under the pillows so that they can protect one from bad dreams and can have a good sleep.

♦ Acorns

Said to be lucky by the English people, they symbolize power. In England, the Acorns are considered to be the symbol of youth, zest, growth in one’s life, and spirituality.

Tumi World's Unexpected Lucky Charms Acorns

There is a large diversity in the World, as it is a social stage of showcasing one’s idea and beliefs. Having a lucky charm is considered to bring more wisdom and success. Be it the carp fish scales, the statue of a cat called Maneki Neko, a Tumi, an insect Scarab, or a beautiful dream catcher, they may seem unexpected lucky charms, however, people have a great belief in them.

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