Charity - A Boon to Many!

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All religions give a positive Charity definition. Call it ‘Zakat’, ‘Daan’, or simply, ‘Charity’. It has got a great importance in every religion. It stands as a third pillar of the Islamic religion. Charity is considered a part of a religious duty (Dharma) in Hindus. ‘Almsgiving’, is a strong faith followed by the Buddhists and Christians. Therefore, Charity is so important that the humankind has made it a part of their religion itself. Fundraising is boosted by the Non-Profit Organizations. Goodwill donations are blessings to some. There are different types of charities.

The needy poor, helpless street animals, or the drastically affected abode conditions of the people. The society does need a help of the wealthy pillars to stand erect. Non-Profit Organizations are a boon. People should help with fundraising. Also, a society not just is formed by the people but it involves animals, environment, and the factors affecting these. Here are some of the types of charities one can invest in!

⦁ Animal Charities

The street animals wandering on the roadsides, in search of food are simply helpless. Most of the times, these animals not entertained or either carried away by the municipalities. However, a proper care of these animals can improve the whole scenario.
There are many Non-Profit Organizations running across the World to help these pity animals. One should help with their goodwill donations to contribute for fundraising. The types of charities coming under this is

a. Wildlife Conservation
b. Pet and Animal Welfare
c. Hunting and Fishing
d. Zoos and Aquariums

Adding to this, to run World animals are also major contributors. Half a number of diseases we see emerging are due to the virus obtained from the unhealthy or ill-hygienic conditions of the animals. A few examples, life causing Ebola virus out of bats, Swine Flu out of pig’s influenza, etc. Therefore, animal charity can help in improving the health of both animals and the humans on the whole. Fundraising through goodwill donations is a necessity.

⦁ Environmental Charities

These charities will keep on contributing for the welfare of the environment. Planting trees, managing garbage, maintaining parks and nature, making an awareness in the society for the greenery, etc.
Maintaining a good environment will help in many ways such that – improved health because of the oxygenated air, proper disposal systems giving a standard living quality, active life because of the maintenance of parks and playgrounds, and many.
The organizations coming under this is

a. Conservation and Protection of the Environment
b. The Planning of Parks and Playgrounds in Every Colony.

‘Go Green, Live Long’, contribute to these organizations to have a healthy surrounding.

⦁ International Non-Profit Organizations

These charities are established and functioned in one certain country, however, it helps the other countries too. They have their people working in all the countries. The best part, they are Non-Profit Organizations. Which means, the finance is self-afforded.
Therefore, there is no fame, no finance, no glam provided to these organizations. This is a great platform to contribute because the contribution is not only kept anonymous but also it proves to be beneficial in the societal problems.
The type of Non-Profit Organizations coming under this is

a. Development of International Countries
b. Disaster Management and Humanitary Duty
c. Human Rights Reservations and Peace Making
d. Conservation Functionality
e. Sponsorships to Children to Educate

⦁ Health Charities

One of the reasons for earning a good amount is to maintain the health of a particular’s family. Health is a major factor to maintain to achieve anything in life. However, there are worsened conditions all over the World.
People do not have enough food to survive. Children die out of starvation and animals suffer drastically due to hunger during the droughts or the floods. One should be thankful enough for having their food on a daily basis. However, this is just not enough. One should also contribute a fair amount of their earnings to feed the needy.

The Non-Profit Organizations consider the followings

a. Disease Treatments
b. Provide Proper Medical Services
c. Contributing to Medical Research
d. Patient and Family Support During Natural Calamities

⦁ Education Charities

Education is one of the basic rights of the people. It not only furnishes one’s skills but also gives an ideology towards the development of others.
However, there are billions of people who stand illiterate. Being illiterate stops the growth of the people in many ways. Blind beliefs, wrong practices, aggressive reactions, and immature decision takings are the instant results of it.

The Non-Profit Organizations covers the subjects of

a. Elementary, Jr. High, and High Schools for the Children
b. Universities and College Accessibilities
c. Scholarship Aids
d. Schools and Colleges Revised Syllabus
e. Support to the Student, teachers, and the Parents for Education.

Why Support the Fundraising?

A donation is a part of our duty.  According to the statistics, 1 in every 6 people does not get enough food to eat. Animals die out of starvation and had been studied that they were hungry for 25 long days causing their life. A lot of children suffer from child labor, abuses, and lack of education. Every education system gives the detailed information and Charity definition. Not only in terms of hunger but goodwill donations can support a number of families one can only imagine of. The Non-Profit Organizations are raised for a good cause and hence, should be supported and enhanced.


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