A Need For Saving the Childhoods

Child Labour and Child security - Upgrowing Issue
Childhood reminds of the games played on the playground, the boats made in the rainy season, the tree fruits, the short fights with friends followed by the long nights of chit chatting. Childhood has always set such beautiful memories for us well-grown. However, the present World turns out to be unfriendly letting the children grow safely. The Nation and the World’s children on a large scale are suffering through the issues of the child labor, child abuse, child trafficking, educational rights and discrimination. This is why child security is an issue of today. Save the children, to make our future bright and safe.

We usually listen to the news on the child abuse and child trafficking. It seems nearly impossible to change the present scenario. The candle march and the prayers surely are not helping. The child development consists of answering the inquisitive,  fostering the innocence and understanding the needs until they reach adulthood. And every kid does deserve this.

Child Security

Child Security in danger

Child Security Child Trafficking

There are children whose beautiful childhood has turned out to be the next hell they live into every day. Child labor, child trafficking has grown to such extent that heaven seems farther from their dreams. Not only the rural kids but also the urban are falling prey to this violation. Many rules and movements were initiated to solve this national problem. However, the solution to this should be permanent and healing. There are many laws and regulations passed for the child development, however, the inhumanity does exist to ruin. Being a responsible and able person, we should take efforts to save the children. This may not benefit us, but those surely can add to our blessings.

Nurturing the Health of the Children

Child Development

Urban society is the representation of the educated and the well standard people. According to the past reports published by the UNICEF, in India female foeticide are surprisingly much higher in urban areas than the rural. Health is wealth! India proves to be highly unstable in providing general health care services to the rural areas. In every minute, 4 Indian children die out of either malnutrition or late treatments. 30% of the malnourished children live in India! To one’s wonder, most of the deaths of the children below adulthood happen due to car accidents! The scarcity of proper roads in rural areas proves to be one of the reasons.

It comes to notice, that child security is highly in danger. However, urban children also suffer from the ill infrastructural problems like lack of playgrounds and pedestrian infrastructures like sidewalks and crosswalks. We talk about the child security, however here it seems the infrastructural inconvenience can cause harm to everyone. Child development consists of the all-round development of a kid. The child should be provided with all of his basic needs.


 Child Development Child Security Child Trafficking

Education makes a man wiser! 25% of the children eligible for the primary schools are not educated in the rural areas. On the other hand, the ratio is 16% in the urban areas. Education is a purpose to secure oneself with economical and mental stability. This is an important factor being ignored or not vigorously being actioned upon. Getting educated is not just the need for an hour but also it makes an individual able.

Child Labor

Child Labor

According to the UNICEF, India has the highest number of the children working, below the age of 14 years. According to the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation(CLPR) Act, 1986, a person below the age of 14 years is defined as a ‘Child’. Any child working would be considered as the violation of the act. The children between 14-18 years were considered as the adolescents, who were allowed to get employed. This employment also was constrained for the risky industries, the inflammable factories or any of the violating work. Irrespective of the financial crises, a child is supposed to get educated, develop skills and nurture his health. This is a part of the child development and child security.

Other Factors

Child Trafficking Child Development

Child trafficking, child sex abuse, malnutrition, child labor, gender discrimination are the other factors Indian children suffer from. Child trafficking – From many parts of the Indian states, children are either kidnapped or bought from villages from the impoverished families. 10% of the urban children are homeless. One of every two homeless children is noted to be abused in the urban areas. 8 cases regarding sexual abuse are filed every day. Out of 69% of the total children getting abused, boys proportioned to be 54.6%. 88.6% were abused by a parent or a close family member. Child security is questioned here many times.

The Movements and the Rules passed

Child Security child laws

In all, childhood to what we have lived is a wished bliss to all these kids. PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ yojana, the 1996’s established Children – 1098 organization are some of the efforts put to save the children and nurture them with a healthy life. On our side, we can report the crime, donate to the NGO’s, volunteer the organizations or promote awareness among the children of urban as well as the rural. We also need to think over these issues and make appropriate efforts – Save children as they deserve a good future.

Child Development

Child Labor Child Development

The most important years for a child is his first 5 years after birth. This is the age when a child is introduced to the outer world and finds a way to cope up. Child development of this particular aged group children should be done carefully. Many activities could be drawn in to nurture his healthy mind. The health, education, morals, skill developments, nurturing are some of the factors that should be considered for the Child development. Save the children and help them to develop. The teeny tiny hands with innocence, suffer from a number of obscure ruinous crises. The feeble feet are on no stable ground. We can help child development to happen and give someone a life to look forward to.

Let us join hands

Child Security Save the children

Cheers, to the moments of the beautiful childhood we once lived!However, there are ample of children who have skipped all these moments and are suffering hard. The hands in which books suit well are forced to pack the gunpowder into the crackers. The pretty eyes and a Cinderella dress are torn apart by the ugly, inhuman hands. They hardly know how to count but are sold in large numbers.

Let’s try improving the situation by taking a step as an individual and an Indian.

Join a mission to give these children their beautiful childhood!

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