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Feng Shui The Chinese Good Luck Charm
In a world full of different traditions, cultures, beliefs, and trusts, a thing which assures you with a good luck will always be welcomed and demanded. The people find a way to get the shortcuts in life. Be it in the work, relationship, or any other thing in life. A good luck charm is a thing which gives an assurance to the humankind about a wealthy, healthy, happy life through a short-cut. One such good luck charm is the Feng Shui. The Yin Yang, the principle of five elements are some of the basics forming Feng Shui. Bagua and Luo pan are the tools for the Feng Shui practice.

Good Luck Charm buddha statue

A good luck charm enters the house with a belief that it will resolve all the stagnant issues, the unresolved relation fights, the stressful life and will provide a healthy environment to live in. Years ago, blessings were considered as a good luck charm for one. However, now when the time has changed, the charm has turned from the people to the physical objects. The Feng Shui is such good luck charm which has come from the old Chinese tradition. Let us study the Yin Yang and the principle of five elements in detail to understand Feng Shui.

Exploring Feng Shui!

What is a Feng Shui?

It is an ancient study of the Chinese people. In Chinese, ‘Feng’ means ‘Wind’ and ‘Shui’ means ‘Water’. China considers wind and water as a symbol of good fortune. Feng Shui in a simple language is nothing but the arrangement of the house or placement in a way that it positively enhances an individual’s life. It says Feng Shui is a supply of Chi (a form of positive energy). It has a particular placement to benefit you at the office or home. A Feng Shui improves every part of your life. It simply proves to be a good luck charm for a person. As an individual, in your relationship, the finance, it affects positively to every aspect of your life.

Feng Shui Good Luck Charm

The Two Basic Principles of Feng Shui

1. The Yin Yang

The Yin Yang principle of the Feng Shui says that there should be a balance for everything. The way, a ‘feminine’ is balancing with the ‘masculine’, to let the flow of good Chi remain in one’s life is an example of Yin Yang. It says that the opposite is dependent and necessary. The good and the evil, the day and the night are the other examples of Yin Yang. It is necessary to have the other opposite to balance. And this balance is a must to make a positive flow in one’s life. It asks to maintain the equilibrium among the opposites. Disbalance results in uncertainty. This tool helps in maintaining the balance of life, hence proving it to be a good luck charm.

Yin Yang Feng Shui and Good Luck Charm

2. The Principle Of Five Elements

According to the Feng Shui, the basic five elements are the wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. It follows an interesting cycle. Every element is represented by a color. This cycle resembles a complete flow in a life. The cycle shows how the five elements are all inter-connected. Such as:

The water warms up to create moisture in the air. This moisture helps the trees to grow. The branches of the trees are used as wood. Wood is a fuel for the fire. Fire when burnt completely turns into ashes. These ashes get mixed up with the soil providing required minerals. These minerals are used by the metals to grow in the soil. This helps in condensing the water. The metal is used to cut the wood.

The above is the cycle which signifies us with the inter-connectivity and the flow of the five elements in life.

Principle Of Five Elements Feng Shui

The Tools Of Feng Shui

1. The Feng Shui Bagua

Bagua is a Feng Shui energy map guiding to the appropriate placement of the things in one’s house. The map of Bagua will show the connection between your rooms arrangement and your spirituality. It guides one about the orientation of the house. How the entrances to the room, the house should be done. Accordingly, a house can be designed with its interior. The place said to good with the wisdom, could be placed with a book-shelf. A place said to be good for fulfilling hunger could be placed with the stoves, plates, and eatables. A place defined good as the relationship space by a Bagua could be placed with a pretty wedding photo.

In this way, a Bagua explains how the architecture and arrangement of one’s house can affect the spirituality of an individual.

Feng Shui , Bagua

2. The Luo Pan (Feng Shui Compass)

In Chinese, Luo means ‘everything’ while Pan means ‘bowl’. The Luo Pan is nothing but a magnetic compass accompanying the Bagua for the Feng Shui purposes. The Luo Pan is surrounded by the round rings circulating the needle. This majestic compass looks like it has hidden all the secrets of the Universe.

A Luo Pan is used for nothing but to guide the architecture of the site before building one. It shows the direction and the placement of the house entrances and facings. These directions and placements are such arranged that it benefits a human with positivity. Not always a traditional or original Luo pan is needed, a magnetic needle showing correct directions is also good to go. It is not proven scientifically about the truth of Feng Shui, however following this has become a ritual. It does work and!

The Luo Pan Feng Shui Compass

Creativity With Feng Shui

Feng Shui provides freedom of using different colors in one’s room or house. The interior designers also are experimenting their designs and ideas in accordance with the Feng Shui. Feng Shui guides and promotes the importance of the fish-pots, the beautiful crystals, fountains at particular places, and others. This helps in decorating the house with positivity.

Feng Shui Cure – The Wind Chimes

Wind chimes make a room look prettier. They are considered as the best feng shui cure. They come in different patterns, with a different number of bells and different types of metal used. Feng shui defines in its Bagua that at what place which type of wind chime should be used.

There are three main factors considered while hanging a wind chime at a particular place:

Feng Shui Cure - The Wind Chimes

1. The Material

The material of which the wind chime is made is important. That is, a wind chime should be of a metal if placing it in the north, west or north-west directions. If one wants to place the wind chime in the south or east directions, a wood/bamboo wind chime should be used.

material of Feng Shui and Good Luck Charm

2. The Symbols

The symbols in the wind chime are the representatives. They signify the type of wealth it is inviting. Example, a clay wind chime with hearts in it will symbolize a good marriage life. A hollow piped wind chime is considered to be good for the flow of positive energy.symbols of Feng Shui and Good Luck Charm

3. The Numbers

Numbers play an important role too. A wind chime with an appropriate number of bells helps in nurturing and growing positive vibes in the house. 5 is the best number considered. However, 6 and 8 are equally good. Again, a Bagua is studied and then decided that which direction is demanding which number.

One feels happy, rejuvenated, and full of energy after entering the house of Feng Shui following the above all rules.

Feng Shui With The Interior

Following are some of the Interior placements of things which will enhance the positivity in the house:

  1. Keep the curtains open.

Keep the curtains open. Feng Shui Good Luck Charm

This helps in the free flow of light. This gives rise to the entrance for the energy in the house.

  1. Place the books in the hall.

books in the hall Feng Shui Good Luck Charm

Since a hall represents the place of wisdom, a book-shelf adds to the richness of the house.

  1. Make sure there are no break-points in the house.

The breakages or the break-points in one’s house disturbs the cycle of energy flow. Therefore, they should be immediately be cured or sealed.

  1. Put the bed in a proper position.

bed in a proper position. for Good Luck Charm

A bed should be placed away from the light with a proper ventilation to the air. This is eventually related to our health. A good sleep nourishes our daily activities.

  1. The bedroom should be decorated with the plants.

Plants are full of oxygen. The bedroom will be felt always fresh when placed with plants.

  1. Desk placement should be made proper.

The vision to a good career is indicated by the place where one spends for heading towards his aim. Therefore, the desk placement should be proper in order to get an encouragement to do better.

  1. Use fountains, aquariums as a source of water-decoration in the house.

fish aquariums for Good Luck Charm

As Feng Shui is about the wind-water. Use of water in an appropriate place will surely add to a good energy in the house.

Learning Feng Shui

Learning Feng Shui with book

Learning Feng Shui might take a long time. It even might take years in consecutive to get a grab over it. However, after learning and understanding it completely, one can experience the positive effects of it on his life. There are schools providing the knowledge about the Feng Shui. Especially, the Luo Pan, the magnetic direction guidance. Understanding the principle of five elements and Yin Yang is also difficult but deep and worth. It is difficult to study because the ancient Chinese have written the Feng Shui after a deep observation and analysis of every element. Understanding to that depth might take time of years but will surely fruit beneficial. It is a good luck charm that one can bring in his home by following certain principles of it.

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