Indian Government Banning Plastic Materials

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Being India’s second-populous state, the Maharashtra government has started penalizing all those found dealing with plastic bag merchandise, together with single-use disposable things. The Devendra Fadnavis-led authorities implemented the ban when the issue of Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol merchandise got a notification in the early month of this year. The govt had given the makers, distributors, and customers an amount of 3 months. This period was given to dispose their existing stock and make available with alternatives to use of plastic. This is a major contribution to waste management of the country as plastic bag recycling is a great challenge.

While environmentalists are welcoming the cabinet’s call of minimizing the use of plastic. However, the plastic trade has slammed the govt mentioning it “retrograde step.” With its vast dependence on the plastic bag and lack of alternatives to the illegal merchandise, people of all profession are wondering if the arrangement would be successful.

Why Plastic Bag Banned?

On 23rd March 2018, Maharashtra government prohibited the use of plastic. This involved manufacture, usage, sale, transport, distribution, wholesale, retail sale and storage, import of plastic baggage with the handle or with no handles, and disposable product created out of plastic and thermocol. Witnessing the environmental risks and damage caused to aquatic and wild animals trapped in plastic, the Maharashtra government implemented the ban. The ban was asked to be applied and followed immediately.

What is Banned?

Apart from this, the other plastic materials like the straw, non-woven luggage, pouches and the other plastic utilized to store, package the food cannot be allowed hereafter. The ban has also prohibited the employment of plastic and thermocol for adornment functions and for other celebrations. However, the plastic bag ban was a major cause of creating inconvenience in the society.
While the notification was passed in March, the govt. has revised it multiple times over the course of 3 months. Many traders and dealers within the state area are still awaiting a clarity on however the mechanism can it work.

The Trouble

The government has to come up with a ‘Buy Back’ policy wherever the stall owner is anticipated to supply cash over the plastic bottle deposited by the user. “Without an ample range of crushing machines at stations, confiscating plastic bottles wouldn’t be potential. With solely four days left for the ban, we tend to don’t seem to be positive on what should be done of the obtainable bottles,” owner of 3 stalls at railway aforesaid.
On the opposite hand, the farm operators within the state are ordered to place in situ a purchase mechanism for plastic milk pouches until July eleven. Besides this, they’re additionally not allowed to use plastic baggage lower than fifty microns thickness to package the milk.
“We have asked for clarity on a way to start the recollection mechanism and the way the refund system is going to work,” aforesaid a political candidate from the federation.

The Fine For The Use of Plastic Bag

As per the notification, violators are going to be punished Rs Five Thousand and Rs Ten Thousand for the primary and second-time offense. The third-time the person will be compelled to dole out Rs twenty-five thousand and will conjointly face imprisonment for an amount of 3 months.
As there is a list of states following this rule of banning the use of plastic, the tourists and the passengers should also take care of the same. They should be well-aware with the fact of banned plastic law in the state before entering it.

The Other States Initiating For the Plastic Bag Ban

Close on the heels of the plastic ban in UP, province government on Fri additionally issued Associate in Nursing order to impose a blanket ban on the utilization of plastic across the state from this month of fifteen July. This can be the third time since Jan 2016 that the provincial government has reiterated the ban with no sign of its implementation.
“We have determined to ban plastic within the entire state till the date of 15th July, I charm that till fifteen July plastic cups, glasses and polyethylene mustn’t be used in any respect. This may demand the participation of everybody,” the message in Hindi, was discharged on CM’s Twitter account.

The States Applying the New Law

⦁ Jammu and Kashmir,
⦁ Himachal Pradesh,
⦁ Uttarakhand,
⦁ Punjab,
⦁ Haryana,
⦁ Rajasthan,
⦁ Madhya Pradesh,
⦁ Uttar Pradesh,
⦁ Maharashtra, Karnataka,
⦁ Chattisgarh,
⦁ Sikkim,
⦁ Arunachal,
⦁ Tripura, and
⦁ Nagaland.

The States Partially Following The Same Law Are

⦁ Gujarat,
⦁ Goa,
⦁ Kerala,
⦁ Odisha and
⦁ West Bengal

The States Not Following The Plastic Bag Ban

⦁ Bihar,
⦁ Jharkhand,
⦁ Telangana,
⦁ Andhra Pradesh,
⦁ Tamil Nadu,
⦁ Assam,
⦁ Manipur and
⦁ Meghalaya

Internationally the Plastic Ban is Accepted and Promoted

There are some counties in the World who either banned plastic or brought an alternative to the non-biodegradable plastic materials. Some of the solutions found by the countries all over the World are:

  1. France

The law of banning the use of plastic was made by 2016. Thereby, the use of plastic bags was completely banned. The use of plastic cups, utensils, are also going to be banned by the year 2020. France is the first company to trave!

  1. Sweden

Understanding the need for plastic, Sweden didn’t ban plastic but passed a law of recycling. There are recycling machines made in Sweden.

  1. Ireland

A successful practice of banning plastic in 2002, gave a great result to Ireland. After the ban was put, over 94% of citizens were recorded to reduce the use of plastic.

  1. China

The 50% of the Chinese people stopped making use of the plastic in their lives. From 2008, the people here are living without the plastic non-biodegradable material.

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