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Social Media Sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
The most popular social media sites count many. Social media networks are a magnificent resource for each little and large businesses. The businesses wanting to market their brands on the net have got a great platform as these sites are already trafficked well. However, determining the foremost fashionable social media sites for the audience you’re making an attempt to achieve is very vital. The social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, are some of the popular social sites.

For example, Facebook is failing to keep up the interest of the teens, whereas Snapchat is becoming the most popular platform for this particular aged crowd. To properly utilize the facility of social media, one needs to understand the proper working of the social media sites. Also, they should know the type of audience they are going to serve.
The platforms are simple to use and a few of them even have paid advertising choices for businesses that wish to achieve new audiences.


Found on 4 February 2004, Facebook is currently serving a population of 1.59 billion active users (according to the 2016 survey).
Over 1 million small-big businesses are advertising their markets on this online website.

The business could be boosted on facebook by

⦁ Sharing the business images, links, videos, or anything connected to your business field and want to advertise.

⦁ Facebook’s Classic Ads – They manage to occupy the side screens on your facebook page. They hold the summary of the advertisement, an attractive image, and a link directing to the business profile. Demographic targeting by Facebook helps to reach the correct audience.

⦁ Interesting contests organized by the Facebook – The contests advertises the motive of your business and asks the interested audience to participate it the same. This increases the traffic on your work site. One cannot directly use Facebook for creating a contest. However, taking a help from a third party paid app would help.

⦁ Facebook promoted Ads – The other ways might fail to put light on your posts, however, Facebook promoted Ads will always make sure to come under the eyes of your audiences.

⦁ The Stories sponsored and the Open graph by Facebook are other ways through which one can advertise their businesses.


The social media site of Twitter was launched back in 2006, and it is engaging 1.6 billion viewers per month uniquely i.e. every month new 1.6 billion viewers reach Twitter.

How to advertise on Twitter?

⦁ Use Twitter as a learning tool – Twitter, as engages a large amount of population, taking a view or commenting on a particular aspect of work, becomes very easy for the audience. One can make use of these comments, views to change and modify their work.

⦁ If one cannot afford a PR team for yourselves, Twitter is a great platform! It can advertise and reach the good words of your work to over billions of new people every month.

⦁ Promoting Strategies – Many professional people are found to be entertaining the audience through their daily posts and tweets regarding the current topics. This indirectly advertises your company/business by giving it a personal face of itself.

⦁ Images/ Short videos/ Short informative context – Going on the official websites and reading the long paragraphs is less preferred. Twitter allows posting short stories, a brief context of limited words and even short videos. One can make the posts interesting and hence engage a good amount of audience.


It has 240 million users currently accessing the site. One should make sure that their profile is complete and updated professionally so that audience can approach them correctly.

Following are the ways to promote your business/company on LinkedIn

⦁ By using ‘Invitations to connect’, ‘Advanced people search’, ‘Introduction’, ‘Inmail’, one should work on growing their connections on a large scale.

⦁ Status updates – This helps in broadcasting the directing links, images, videos, and thus publicizing the profile of the company/ business.

⦁ Join other related LinkedIn groups – LinkedIn groups is a place where the professionals share their contents, post and search opportunities, and is a platform to establish as professionals. One can form their own groups and become facilitators.

⦁ LinkedIn Ads – It’s another way to reach the professional accounts and make their interests in your businesses.


There are a number of facilities provided by the YouTube engaging the population and also proving to be a leading platform for advertising one’s business and work.

⦁ It reaches the global audience and therefore, the content of the video should be held sensible, short in time but informative, and effective at the top.

⦁ Search engine prefers the video content than the written content. One should be very brief about the information being provided in the video.

⦁ YouTube has a mixed audience of kinds of interests. There are coachings, advertisements, DIYs, talent-showcase, and many other types of videos. An appropriate video can grab an attention of a large amount of same-interest people.


Ways to increase the trafficking of people on your profile via Instagram

⦁ The Instagram contest – The photo contest organized had become very popular in the crowd. It gives an independence from using different hashtags. This automatically boosts the searching and reaching of the accounts.

⦁ Make business profiles – As followers decide the liking of certain work on your page, making your Instagram profile business helps you to keep a record. It helps in keeping a record of the number of people reaching your page in a week. It also encourages the paid promotion.

⦁ Sponsored stories – The craze for the 24-hour stories is rapidly growing. Instagram publicizes your page as a sponsored story which gives a great number of viewers.

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