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Romantic Love Languages In A Relationship | Learn Cool Things
Life is made up of all small moments. These moments involve the ups and downs, the happy and sad. There are certainly many things one experiences in his life. These experiences are either inherited by the forefathers or are experienced by oneself. One of such experiences is to fall in love. Cheesy it sounds, isn’t it? However, it is surely one of the cool things happens in one’s life. Getting into a relationship seems easy though maintaining it with the same affection is difficult. The couples should always maintain a healthy romantic life to make their relationship successful.

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However, in today’s fast world, one finds it difficult to give enough time to express their love for the opposite. We see many types of relationship today, the long-distance, the neighborhood one, the college lovebirds, the happily married one, and many. One needs to learn the love languages to express their love for their better halves or special ones. One should celebrate the event of life when they fall in love. Being romantic, drawing cards, giving time, having dinners together are some of the efforts one can put. But how to express love through words? One has to learn the love languages for so. Here is this article to solve this awkwardly adorable problem. Following are some of the cool things one can do for their opposites.

Him To Her

The filmy heroes as seen have made a fake image of every man in a woman’s mind. She expects him to do similar cool things the heroes do. According to the psychological studies made, men prefer to remain calm and quiet to stay stronger. Silence represents calmness and control. The men when fall in love and their opposites expect them to express for them, these men fall into a great problem. They obviously find it difficult to learn the love languages and be romantic at times. However, here is a free way to learn a romantic life by making use of words. Here are some cool things a guy can say to express his feelings:

Cool Things between Romantic couple Fall In Love

“Whatever the difficult times may occur, I’m there by your side. Always.”

Every girl who finds you as her perfect one will always wish to have you around for all of her times in a relationship. Be it difficult or happy. Saying this will assure her with your presence in her life.

“I work hard to make a happy world for you.”

Busy or working men find it difficult to make time for their loved ones. But when in a relationship, one should learn the cool things to take up and make efforts for their girl. When one says that their happiness is the reason to work hard makes a girl feel that you are really heading for them.

“No matter what differences we carry, we are going to make a perfect couple in future!”

Commitment is surely hard to express. A few girls cannot make what the silence behind their men wants to express. So by saying this will surely make her feel that the differences between you both are not the reason to end up but a reason to stay together for a lifetime.

“My day goes really well when it starts with you!”

The only fact that the working couple cannot stay together the whole day saddens them. They hardly able to give time to their romantic life. However, when being in a serious relationship, saying this one can make her feel that the rest of the day will be driven good because of her starting it. Love languages are surely not difficult to learn if you choose to do it with some reality and feelings adding to it.

“My worries and sickness fly off looking at you. A glance at you makes me rejuvenated!”

One needs to add some romantic lines in his love languages lesson. Saying this makes a girl feel that she makes a place of peace in your life. It expresses that her presence is important and it disconnects you from the outer messy world. This line could make her fall in love with you again.

“I love the way you handle me.”

Every woman has a tendency to consult and support his man. She will definitely feel good if you praise her for so. Consulting and making an effort to make you progress demands appreciation. The only thing that you should really cherish and say exactly the things because of which you fall in love with her.

“I feel proud to walk with you while you holding my arm.”

A girl loves when a man feels proud to carry her. It just shows her how much he is happy to have her around. This builds trust and an assurance that the relationship is really worth having.

“I understand your world and will never dare to change you.”

Changing oneself is a sign of adjustment in a relationship. Anyhow, be it a girl or a guy, they do adjust for each other. But by saying this makes a girl feel that you love her the way she is. And that you accept her with all her flaws and negatives.

“I’ll make an effort to learn things you like.”

There are many things which add up when one comes in a relationship. Girls usually are disciplined and love handling the things as a perfectionist. A guy when says to make effort to learn the things she likes, makes her feel that the guy really wants her to be happy.

Her To Him

Usually, women wait for the men to express their feelings. Not because they cannot do it or have ego issues but also because they are too emotional to approach or to make the first move. But with the changing world, a girl has become equally strong at expressing. They too can put an effort to express themselves. Following are some of the cool things to say to make him feel special.

Romantic Love Languages couple Fall In Love

“I feel safe when with you.”

Feeling safe is the sign of reliability. It just signifies that the guy is reliable and is worth spending time with. Saying this would make a guy feel that the girl is comfortable with him and that she has started trusting him.

“I usually utter and act more openly with you than my other guy-friends.”

A guy is always in doubt about approaching a girl. Saying this will make him feel that you are open to him and that there is no reason for him to hide or feel awkward for. Also, the statement clears that he is surely not like the other guys to him and he is special.

“I’m ready to accept you the way you are.”

Mostly the guys put an extra effort into trying to change their originality to make their opposites feel special. Saying this would make him feel that you like him the way he is. And that his originality is important.

“I’ll support you in your every decision and make adjustments.”

A support is what every man needs from a woman. Men being strong at their muscles, women are strong at their emotions and so saying this will make him feel confident. Remember, that giving space is equally important.

“Its peace placing my head on your shoulder.”

The fact that you have a number of people and work around. One should express that the peace is found only when he is around. This makes him feel that his presence means a lot in your life and that he is able enough to make you feel calm.

“Looks and money are not considered, your self-being made me fall”

There is a fake understanding among the men that women usually choose the guys with looks and money. However, a girl needs to clarify that if she is really heading for someone, it wasn’t the external things but nature and self-being made her fall for him. This will make him feel worth and will know that the girl is really looking for him.

“I’ll stand strong when you turn out to be weak”

A gesture to show that you are there for him is by stating this. This will make him feel strong and less-lonely. Support is felt and he’ll surely appreciate this effort of yours.

“Cheesy isn’t really my kind but with you, I become typical filmy!”

A girl’s expression of this kind makes a man feel that she is really involved in him. A guy might also feel that she is trying and putting efforts for him. Also, that she is turning out to be different to him than others and is liking him strongly.

“Whenever you are in difficulty, you’ll always find me around. Never will be left alone.”

Being there for each other is important. Girls usually do not say this much because they want the guys to understand it. Saying this will make a man feel happy that you’re always going to be there for him. And that in the difficulties he won’t be alone to face.

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A relationship demands understanding and patience. However, at times, as per the time demands, expressing to each other becomes a must. The above are some of the cool things one can say to their opposites to make them feel special. Learning love languages for their special ones itself sounds enough romantic. The other cool things like taking out some time for the loved ones, cooking or making stuff for the each other will make the bond grow stronger. To find someone reliable and to fall in love is easy but to maintain the trust and love in a relationship needs efforts. 

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