Smartphones Ruining the Real Lives

Smartphone Addiction – A New Disease To The Era!
The definition of the Smartphone is the device which works like a computer. Having a touchscreen interface, with Internet facilities. Also, it contains an operating system which runs the downloaded apps. This simplified definition, however, sounds inappropriate. Because today, we can define the Smartphones in a single word called ‘the basic need’. The Smartphone addiction has become a fever in the youth. Many diseases are caused because of the continuous use of the Smartphones.

The science behind the diseases caused is the neurotransmitter in the brain called the ‘Dopamine’. The Dopamine is a chemical found in a brain. When a certain thing is felt to be good, the Dopamine releases. This neurotransmitter helps the person to do that certain thing again. The Dopamine cells are a few in number. These neurotransmitters are found in very rare parts of the brain. The neurotransmitter Dopamine is released from the neurons when messages are to be served to the nerve cells. The Dopamine neurotransmitter is one of the major reason for smartphone addiction.

Smartphone Addiction Neurotransmitter Dopamine

The Research

 6-7 times in an hour we unlock our phones!
  • According to a research made, the iPhone claims that on an average a smartphone is unlocked for 80 times per day. This is nearly 6-7 times in an hour.

80 time phone gets unlocks Check The Phone

A day consists of 24-hours. Out of which it is studied that 9 hours of the day are spent on the Smartphones. The Smartphone addiction has increased from when the companies started giving the ‘exciting offers’ and the ‘affordable schemes’. This results in the excess usage of the phone with wastage of the important time.

An addicted person checks his phone for more than 5000 times!
  • On an average, it is showed that a person touches his phone a number of 2,617 times. And the excess-phone-user touches the phone for 5,400 times!

Smartphone Addiction Check The Phone

The neurotransmitter Dopamine is released to make a check on his Smartphone many times. Often the people misled with a notification sound or a message alert, this is a common disease in the youth nowadays. The disease is named as the ‘Textaphrenia’, it makes the person anxious about not receiving a message.

People of all ages are diseased equally!
  • 18-24 old people check the phone for 80 times. 25-34 old people check the phone for 50 times a day. While the people of the age 35-44 years, check the phone for 35 times a day.

old women Check The Phone Smartphone Addiction

Touching the phone, here conveys tapping, sliding and unlocking. There is a lot of increased stress level in the today’s world. The usage of phone stresses our eyes, puts pressure on our brains and finally addicts in a harmful way. To no wonder, the Smartphone addiction adds to the stress level of ours. Many hours of the day are wasted into the phone. Instead, they could be invested for a good purpose.

The Social media sites encourage the usage of phones!
  • Of all the addicts, it is found that the Facebook is opened for 13.8 times in a day. For approximately 2 minutes 22 secs to check the uploads and the messages received.

people on phone Neurotransmitter Dopamine

It is found that the Smartphone addiction has risen because of the different social media apps. The Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are some of the common social media sites being used. According to the study, 70% of the Smartphone users spend their time on facebook for 13.8 times a day. This addiction should be brought under control. As it is driving us to the fiction world.

The Solution

The solution for the Smartphone addiction could be the following

1. Keep the Smartphone away from your body

A solution could be to keep your Smartphone away from you. The Smartphones nowadays have become a part of our body. It seems like adding an extra limb. The moment a message is received, the pocket vibrates tending us to take a glance at our phone once. Keeping our phones away from the body could help to control the continuous checking.

fun with friends on beach Smartphone Addiction

2. Try indulging more in the real conversations

Than chatting on the phone for long hours, it is always a better choice to converse with the physically present people. There will be no network issues, no internet packs required and also one could see the real expressions of the opposite person without needing the help of the emojis.

real conversations with friends Smartphone Addiction

3. Keeping a track of yourself

There are many other apps which can help an individual to keep a track of himself. These apps will help him to check for how many times he opens his phone. The count once noted could be manipulated and reduced by not handling the phone so often. One of such apps is the ‘CHECKY’. This app is available in the Android stores as well on the Apple phones stores. Taking help of such apps can reduce the dependency of one’s on phone.

Keeping a track of yourself Smartphone Addiction

4.Taking the help of the phone

If one doesn’t wish to download an app to keep track of himself, he can use his phone settings to do the same.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ option from your phone.
  2. Click on the ‘Battery’ option from the menu.
  3. Choose ‘Battery use’.
  4. Check the number of percentages used for all the apps.

Smartphone Addiction Check The Phone

This is an easy method to eliminate the most used app. Consequently, this will help reduce the Smartphone addiction too.

In all, Smartphones were made to make our daily tasks easy. The applications were introduced to shorten the distance between the people. The way they say, every coin has two sides. In the same way, the negative side of the Smartphones is being used a lot nowadays. By practicing the above-given solutions, one can bring the usage of the Smartphones in control.

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