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Read books as it introduces you to the World that you haven’t seen yet or always wished to see. The various authors with an ocean of beautiful words and thoughts pour onto you their stories. The stories of fairies, demons, legendaries, struggled journeys with happy endings, sad and romantic love stories, and many. The authors like Dan Brown, J. K. Rowling, Rhonda Byrne, Nicolas Spark and many have changed the perspectives of the World. Proved that a pen with revolutionary thoughts could make the World listen!

The World famous authors filled with imagination and creativity, tell you a story. These stories are not visible to us, though we can see the never seen characters enacting a play in front of us. The novels involve us in themselves. They make us think of the possibilities that we would have never imagined of. It teaches us with many great qualities, that we might not have learned ever. Dan Brown mysterious stories make it difficult for us to come back to the real world. The J. K. Rowling magical land of Harry Potter series makes us a big time fan of him. Read books of different background as it helps to evolve us.

Here is a list of books with their famous writers. These ones should be read once in the lifetime.
1. The Da Vinci Code
Author – Dan Brown
Category – MysteryThriller

The book is one of the best-sellers in the World. It ranks the first on the list of 100 most popular books of the World. The story revolves around the murder mystery of a curator of the famous Louvre museum.
The symbolists manage to find the clues of the murder from the great paintings of the late artist Leonardo da Vinci. It becomes more interesting when the story takes turns and unfolds the hidden truths.
It is surely a nice piece of mystery writing which will keep the readers involved throughout. Read books by Dan Brown and one will understand what and how a mystery runs on your nerves.
The other famous and must reads of the Author – Angels and Demons(Crime and Adventure), The Last Symbol (Thriller), Deception Point (Crime and Triller), and more.

2. PS, I Love You
Author – Cecelia Ahern
Category – Contemporary Adult Fiction, Romance

The story is about Holly and Gerry, a married couple living in Dublin. Like other married couples, the two used to share arguments over silly fights. However, used to end up making more memories.
On a sudden, unexpected death of Gerry due to the brain tumor, Holly goes suffers a trauma. She receives a packet of ten envelopes. Obviously, written by her husband wanting her to relive the moments they had spent by visiting the places they visited one.
The motive of him to do so was to motivate his wife to start living her normal life again. The book takes you through an emotional roller-coaster, though maintaining the humor throughout.

3. The Harry Potter’s Series
Author – J.K. Rowling
Category – Children’s Fiction

⦁ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
⦁ Philosopher’s Stone
⦁ Order of the Phoenix
⦁ Goblet of Fire
⦁ Chamber of Secrets
⦁ Prisoner of Azkaban
⦁ Half-blood Prince
A series of fantasy novels defining the magical world of three friends – Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. The students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they struggle to fight against the villain Lord Voldemort.
The series is very involving and also astonishing. One wanted to try the magical, imaginary world full of entertainment can go for reading these novels.

4. The Lovely Bones
Author – Alice Sebold
Category – Literary Fiction 

This is a heart-touching yet a critical story of a raped and murdered teenage girl. The author wants to share a picture of the victim’s family after her death, and the situations they are facing too.
To make it more interesting to read, the author shows that the dead girl is watching her family overcome from the window of the heaven. This novel will take you back with emotions. It might settle you with different modern thoughts and might also ask you to think about new thoughts.

5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Author – Mark Haddon
Category – Mystery 

The story is about a teenage boy, Christopher John Francis Boone, claiming to be a mathematician but with some behavioral problems. Later, detected to be a patient of Asperger syndrome sufferer, Autism diseased, tries to solve a mystery of the death of a dog.
Even after being diseased, he suffers from some emotional challenges. The author shows how even after these challenges, how he becomes successful in solving the mystery.

6. The Secret
Author – Rhonda Byrne
Category – Spiritual 

Rhonda Byrne explains the way the Law of Attraction works in the Universe. She asks the readers to follow the three-step formula as – ask, believe, and receive. She shares the short stories of many successful personalities.
These personalities of different fields of their work believed in the law of attraction. This book will make you believe in the inner beauty of belief. It will also make you think and follow the rules defined in the sequel of her novels.

The achievers of all time say that read books to make a successful survival in the real World. The books shouldn’t be always of a fiction background, but they could be a business guide, a biography, a success guide, and others. Read books and learn more about the outer World, remember the experiences shared and avoid mistakes. This is always a good practice.

It is interesting to see how the author’s imagination take us to another World. The Dan Brown da Vinci code, or J. K. Rowling Harry Potter series, or be it the universe’s ride by Rhoda Byrne, they all keep us astonished yet knowledgeable. Let’s read and grow more.

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