Romantic Destination Around Italy

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Romantic couple
Explore holidays with someone you love. Italy with many Romantic destinations always has been the central attraction for couples. Lovebirds want to fly in Italy as its one of the most romantic places in the world. You just fall in love little more in cities like Rome, Venice, and many others. If one wants to have a beautiful holiday with their better halves, travel Italy! Let’s have a look at some of the cities you can visit when traveling Italy!

Romantic Destinations gateways are often associated with candlelit dinner, walking hand-in-hand along the seashore and adorable accommodations. When you are in love you are craving to share it with the world. The world has many romantic places where you can spend quality time with your soulmates like Rome and Venice!
Following is a handful list of romantic places where couples can enjoy and make their long-lasting memories with their special ones in Italy. Travel Italy to build an album of memories.


The spirit of love is legendary in Venice. Venice is a place where love lives. The very first romantic city in Italy is Venice. And The people all over the world want to visit here. The place has many beautiful spots, which are the symbol of love and romance. I’m for sure this will make you fall in love with each other again and again. Venice will surprise you with all its amazing views.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Venice


Rome, Romance. How similar! Tiber River at Rome is one of the favorites for lovers, having bridges over it. Rome’s famous “Love Locks” bridge where the couple gets especially attracted. For an extra special occasion, book the table on the terrace providing a view of all Rome. The city of Rome surely will build an unforgettable moment.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Rome


Most romantic destination in the Mediterranean and couples from all across the world come here to celebrate their wedding. In Capri, there are some of the most intimate and romantic spots on the island to plan your surprise. Beautiful spots could be found here.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Capri


Wine bars and opera under the stars. Another name for this Heaven is Verona. Verona is home of Romeo and Juliet, so naturally, it is rich in romance! You get from cozy cellar bars to the huge inspiring amphitheaters. This is the best place to share some cold comfort.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Verona


Fall in love in this beautiful city of Florence. San Miniato al Monte where you can enjoy a great view of the overall city. It’s easy to relax here and enjoy your company with someone you love. Also, think about the wine-tasting here.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Florence


When one says that the Romance is dead; Pisa is here to prove them wrong! Beautiful old architecture and a walk together by the river in the old town. Find small restaurants which are romantic; all this you can find here. June is an ideal month when you can enjoy spectacular fireworks. Display of thousands of candles transforms the river into a sea of light.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Pisa


It is known for its splashy runways. But this fashionable city is also full of cozy Italian restaurants and many hidden corners that scream ‘anymore’. Milan’s majestic Cathedral is the symbol of the city, and its structural style itself explains Romance.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Milan


Do you know, Americans call it as- Due Torri | A symbol of Bologna | The kissing towers! You find piazza Santo Stefano, more Romantic at night, its the special attraction in Bologna which is truly beautiful and evocative. There are romantic spots everywhere in the green rolling hills of Bologna.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Bologna


It is one of those picture postcard towns which latterly take your breath away. I truly believe Siena is a perfect place to wander when a couple. Siena discovers the Medieval architecture, romantic olive groves, and great wine.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples


It is a charming city, it is just like a slice of Italy! Also carries a very extensive history. It is full of huge buildings, squares, and churches. You can explore the best things like climb Mount Vesuvius, visit the ruins of Pompeii and National Archaeological Museum.

Romantic Destinations In Italy For Couples Naples

Undoubtedly Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It represents the stunning combination of history, art, architecture, natural beauty and culinary excellence.

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