Cheapest Holiday Places in the World

Cheapest Places To Travel In The World
Here let us take a look at 11 Best cheapest and affordable destinations you come across when on a world tour. One can go for the cheap vacations on the following places with their families and friends. Cheap vacations have become economical nowadays as middle-class families are given the opportunity to complete world tour. The cheapest places to travel are Machu Picchu, Arizona, etc. If the budget to wander around the world is low, no worries we do have the cheapest place to travel. Let’s go see the 11 Cheapest Places To Travel In The World.

To travel the World, one needs money in his pocket! The dream of almost every alternate is to go for a World tour once in a lifetime. A World tour is such an event for which money is saved in the banks from years. However, considering this need and the wish of the society, many travel agencies have made some affordable World tour plans. These World tour plans include the cheapest places to travel across the world. Some of them are the Machu Picchu, Arizona, and etc. Cheap vacations also have now become as luxurious as the heavy priced tour packages. Let us take a look.

01. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

If planning for cheap vacations, Cambodia is a very inexpensive place to stay. However, you might need to have a big budget when it comes to traveling here. Airfare is pretty expensive. If you always wanted to see the Buddhist temple Angkor Wat is the perfect place to visit for. It is the largest religious monument in the World.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

02. Machu Picchu, Peru

The Machu Picchu is an incredibly beautiful place if you love hiking. Machu Picchu has plenty of things you can do and many of them are free. You can visit the incongruence of Machu Picchu which is absolutely breathtaking.

If you’re a hardcore hiker you can hike the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu. If you want to spend the day relaxing by the water you can enjoy the Peruvian coast, there are so many free activities to keep you busy. Visiting Machu Picchu will spend more on your flight, food, and lodging. However, the traveling here is cheap. Therefore, this is one of the cheapest places to travel.

Machu Picchu, Peru

03. Madrid, Spain

When the people are planning a trip, they often count Europe out because it’s known to be so expensive. Out of many parts of Europe, Spain is cheaper than you think it might be. There’s plenty to do and see in Spain. If you travel to Spain you should visit in September, October, April or May. This could be the cheapest places to travel.

The prices of food and lodging go down during these months. You also won’t need to worry about Spain being overloaded with tourists during this period.

Madrid, Spain

04. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland has one of the cheapest food and accommodations in the world. If you’re going to take a trip there, the most expensive part of the trip would be the flight itself. This is especially true if you’re flying to the United States. This is one of the places well suiting the cheapest vacations destination.

Auckland, New Zealand

05. Varna, Bulgaria

Some reason for not underrating is that this place is the most affordable eastern European city to visit and the views are breathtaking. It’s a resort town and it’s right on the coast of the Black Sea. An experience here will always drop a memory forever.

Varna, Bulgaria

06. Marrakech, Morocco

In case you’re intending to travel amongst October and may consider visiting Marrakech, Morocco, its the number one travel destination. The reason that you need to go between October and may is that it’s just the time of the year where hotel prices are dropped drastically as well as food prices. If you’re traveling on a budget this could be a perfect place.

Marrakech, Morocco

07. Hanoi, Vietnam

Today Vietnam has become quite the tourist attraction. One of the reasons that people visit Vietnam is the cost. It is very budget friendly if you want to visit at the optimal time try visiting in late December. It’ll allow you to avoid the torrential rains that plague the country for most of the year.

Hanoi, Vietnam

08. Arizona, United States

If you want to travel within the United States you should seriously consider Arizona. There is something for everyone. Arizona is famous for its forests and its desert while where you can camp, stay at a hotel or timeshare over the last few years.

The accommodations are greatly decreased in the state if you’re going to visit Arizona. One should avoid between June and August those months are incredibly hot.

Arizona, United States

09. Medellin, Colombia

Thanks to Cocaine drug trafficking and Pablo Escobar tourists momentum boarding. The cities of Columbia such as the  Medellin, Callie have become the top cities, hence improving the Tourism. The Columbia’s reputation is on growth, therefore.

These places have become very popular with tourists, and they’re much safer. Medellin has the most reasonably priced food and lodging. One might even be able to find some free things to do to fill up their days.

Medellin, Colombia

10. Crete, Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s better to stay at the places like Crete. The city is beautiful and if you want to visit Santorini it’s just a 7-hour ferry ride. It sounds like a long trip but the ferry ride could be the best party on your vacation.

Crete, Greece

11. Cuba

Over half a century you couldn’t get a flight from the United States to Cuba. Finally, flights are made available now. Since then it has become a very popular tourist destination. Part of the reason is that Cuba is extremely affordable you can plan a package trip which is very economical.

Even if you decide to take a last minute trip it won’t cost you much. If you’re going to visit Cuba best months to go are from September through November and between January and March.


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