5 Places Where Sun Never Sets

This 5 Places Where Sun Never Sets | The Midnight Sun
Imagine a day with 24 hours sunlight. Is it even possible? Well, there are some places on Earth where the summer season runs for whole 6 months with sunlight for 24 hours. It is known as the Midnight Sun. The period of between mid-May to mid-July the northern pole experiences the Midnight Sun. That is, no sunset at all! The regions on the Earth like some places of Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Finland, Iceland, etc witness this weird yet beautiful season.

The seasons on the Earth are caused by the tilt of the rotational axis. The tilt of this axis towards or away from the sun decide the seasons on the planet Earth. As we know, there are basically four types of seasons – Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer. And only because of this rotations, sunrise and sunsets are also made able to see. The period of seasons is different at different places. The Land of Midnight Sun, the Norway, Finland, Iceland sunset never happens.

The basic logic is if the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere is closer to the Sun, its Summer. Whereas, if the Southern Hemisphere is closer to the Sun, its Winter season. Unknown to this normality, there are some regions on Earth which do not follow this rule. These places experience Midnight Sun or Polar Nights. What exactly are they?

The Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Polar Nights

It is observed in the Arctic and the Antarctic summers. The concept of Midnight Sun conveys the fact that the sun during this period does not set for several consecutive months. It’s a natural phenomenon. The period from March 21st to September 23rd, the certain regions of Earth experiences 24 hours sun-rays. The dates above mentioned are for the Northern pole of the Earth. The Southern pole experiences the Midnight Sun during the exact opposite period from September 23rd to March 21st. Imagine a day with no sunset for whole 6 months! The Midnight Sun occurs because of the axes getting exposed to Sun. The extreme regions lying on these surfaces of the pole experiences the Midnight Sun.

The Polar Nights

The Polar nights are the complete opposite of the Midnight Sun. The Regions during the Polar nights suffer from consecutive months of dark nights. The people here do not understand when its the time to work and when is the time to sleep. The plants also at times die out of no photosynthesis getting conducted. It is hard to get habitual to such places.

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Polar Nights

The 5 Land Of Midnight Sun

1. Norway

Some northern part of Norway is located close to the Arctic circle. Therefore, this part of Norway experiences 24 hours of a sunny day. It is known as the Land of Midnight Sun. Some of the Northern parts of Norway experiencing midnight sun are:

Polar circle, Bodø,volvær, Harstad, Bardufoss, Andenes, Tromsø, Bossekopp, Vardø, Hammerfest, Berlevåg, Nordkapp, Jan Mayen Bjørnøya, Longyearbyen Pyramiden.

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Land of Midnight Sun

2. Canada

Some of the places in Canada experiencing Midnight Sun are Inuvik, Yukon, Nunavut. Many travelers visit Canada to roam around the other beautiful parts of Canada and also these places where they can witness the Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Land of Midnight Sun

3. Sweden

In Sweden, there are many resorts/hotels built for the travelers so that they can see the Midnight Sun. Some of the places experiencing it are: Abisko, Gällivare, Jokkmokk, Björkliden, Umeå, Riksgränsen

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Land of Midnight Sun

4. Finland

There are heavy blinds put on the curtains of the houses/hotels so that one does not suffer from the continuous light. Helsinki is one of such places in Finland where the sun does not set for whole 24 hours. The travelers visited here noted their experience by saying that despite our brain guides us not to rest, our body does get tired after a while.

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Land of Midnight Sun

5. Iceland

One cannot see the Iceland sunset when visited during this period. The Midnight Sun lightens up the sky with different shades of color. No Iceland sunset and with the various colored sky is beautiful and serene. Secret Solstice music festival is celebrated during this time period. In all, many such activities are performed during the Midnight Sun duration. The places best to enjoy the Midnight Sun view are:

Grotta lighthouse, Mt. Kirkjufell, Goðafoss, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and on any beach.

Midnight Sun, Sunset, Iceland Sunset, Land of Midnight Sun

The problems suffered during a Midnight Sun

One suffers to find darkness to sleep well. The travelers are suggested to their sleeping masks with them. These few beautiful parts of the World attracts a lot of travelers all over the world. People also suffer from various diseases during the period. The local people here, not habitual to the seasonal effects often fall prey to the depression and mental diseases.

If one regrets not being able to enjoy enough in a day or is falling short of the day-time to complete his activities. Such people should surely come to the above-mentioned places to enjoy the sceneries and complete their day with whole satisfaction. The places like Sweden, Finland, Russia, US, Iceland, Norway and Canada called the Land of Midnight Sun experience the Midnight Sun during the mid may to mid-July. Thus, this is a perfect time to visit the above places.

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