New Year's Eve Celebration in USA

Best Place To Spend New Years Eve In USA
December 31st is New Year’s Eve.
It’s the last night of the year, many people like to celebrate. Many prefer going on a New Year’s Eve party. A lot of people also celebrate the new year at a concert. This is also my favorite way to celebrate. In the USA, the biggest party is in the New York City, in times square. The USA celebration is worth attaining. The celebration here is on some another level. The people from all parts of the World visit to attain the USA celebration. The USA is the best place where you can plan your New Year’s party!

People expect that the New Year should bring good luck and charm and this is the reason why people like to celebrate New Year with fun and enjoyment. The day is wrapped up by different customs and traditions. Each culture celebrates New Year in its own unique way. But overall it’s the festival where there is happiness and people spread joy everywhere. The celebration of the New Year fills us with a new hope for the upcoming year.

Everyone celebrate New Year in his/her own unique way, just to make it special for their loved ones. Everyone’s mom cooks delicious food. And yes, there are many people who make a list of their new resolutions for New Year. We greet all our friends, relatives by exchanging messages, or making a call.

For the best places to spend your New Year’s Eve in the USA, you should think about the following places – 

1. Las Vegas

It is a place which is full of lights and glamor. Its wild and a perfect location to celebrate the new year. You can count on a raucous new year’s eve here. The city ranks dead last for peace and quiet.

Best Place To Spend New Year’s Eve In USA Las Vegas

Las Vegas

2. New York City

Whole rest of the city is to enjoy including those big named restaurants. The biggest party night of the year happens in here. The city goes a bit expensive though worth spending a New Year’s night.

Best Place To Spend New Year’s Eve In USA New York City

New York City

3. New Orleans

The no 1 champ for cocktails, the beautiful sceneries, the friendly joints. The crook city is a nature winner for the memorable new year’s eve.

Best Place To Spend New Year’s Eve In USA New Orleans

New Orleans

4. Scottsdale/Phoenix

It is the top city for winter visits. There’s a big audience looking for fun. City rank 2nd for all in one resort and ranks 6th for luxury hotels.

Best Place To Spend New Year’s Eve In USA Scottsdale

5. San Francisco

One of the major city of California, most beautiful ever. It has the mild climate. It has the stunning skyline which is a  major attraction.

Best Place To Spend New Year’s Eve In USA San Francisco

San Francisco


Recommended for wild weekends. It is in top 10 lists for its bar scene. This sizzling city could not crack the top 10 for New Year’s Eve. It’s also the least safe city.


If you want to celebrate the new year’s eve, this is a nice place. Dinner and the partying at the DALLAS maybe are what you looking for. Its famous for its restaurants.

8.Los Angeles

It is in the top 10, for being stylish with its luxury hotels. Angeles comes in next-to-last for affordability.


The largest city in America. Filled with many different ethnic cultures exist within the neighborhoods of Chicago. About one million people attain the party and millions more watch at home. There is a countdown to midnight, and this is marked in New York with the ball drop.

Here are some common things you will see at the New Year’s party…

  • Like Party Favours
  • Fireworks
  • Silly strings
  • Confetti
  • Streamers
  • Noisemakers

The drink of many’s choices for New Year’s Eve is champagne. At midnight people will make a champagne toast. Another tradition is midnight kissing. “Auld Lang Syne”, is the traditional Scottish song played at the midnight. It means “Days Gone By”. New year celebration is very grand not only in the USA but also in all over the world. It is celebrated as a festival. And everyone around us is in a festive mood, partying, singing and dancing to cherish the old year and ring in the new.

Many people will make new year’s resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions are lost weight, do exercise, quit smoking, etc. So what are yours?

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect back a year and look forward to the New Year!

Here are some questions you should think about…    

Which were the positive things happened to you during the year?

What are your plans regarding giving a kick-start to the next year?

It’s time to celebrate!  Cheers New Year and another chance for us to get it right.

Happy New Year!

The New York City is full of lights and sounds. The USA celebration is incomplete without a visit to the New York City. The New York City is a place where the ‘Happy New Year’ celebration will be called as the real celebration. USA celebration is a kind of celebration which ensures you to make ready for the upcoming year’s challenges and successes. The celebration is incomplete without a Champagne toast, is what said by the New York City.

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