India's New Year Party Destination

Best Places To Celebrate New Year In India
Cheers to the New Year!
Oh yes! When it comes to India, Indians are always ready for the celebrations. Celebrations here are done with traditions and culture. We are known that India serves as a second home in the world to some of the most beautiful and fun places. So when the time comes for New Year’s Evening, here we present a list of some of the best places to celebrate New Year In India. Let’s plan new year party in India and have a great time.
1. Goa – City that’s always up for parties and especially for the Beach Lovers
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Goa


Good for: Beach, Parties, Seafood, Cheap booze, Weather

Goa is the place where you can find the cheapest beer with exotic beach-side stay. Live music and night long parties are the things that attract all of us to get rocking at the new year celebration in Goa. “Goa is On”, for the New Year’s celebration! If you love noisy night long parties, you must have to be in Goa. Raunchy music and cheap beer are the two of them the Goa beaches are famous for. The beaches are full of young people. You will find them dancing to the tunes of peppy music all night long at the sandy beaches. The new year party in Goa is pretty crazy with the youngsters going wild. If you are looking to enjoy intimate parties, Goa is always the best choice.

2. Puducherry – Cool and Calm place!
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Puducherry


Good for: Beach, French colony, Peaceful Ashrams, Cafes, Cheap boozes

Puducherry is a place where you can enjoy the weather with friends or family or both, with its easy access beaches. You will enjoy delicious food. Without firecrackers and bonfires, New Year celebrations are incomplete in Pondicherry.

3. Gokarna, Karnataka
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Gokarna Karnataka

Gokarna, Karnataka

Good for: Beach, Secluded, Peaceful, Religious, Cheap accommodation

Gokarna has often known the quieter version of Goa, and it indeed is. I would highly recommend this as a perfect place to spend your New Year in India. If you are looking for peace and utterly enchanting beaches, this is best for you.

4. Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Manali Himachal Pradesh

Manali Himachal, Pradesh

Good for: Hills, Adventure Sports, Hippies

Manali is meant for everyone from family to friends. The beauty of Manali can give one a good start for the New Year. Many special parties are organized for the party enthusiasts. It makes you more exciting by simply walking on snowy roads. You will bring home amazing pictures and nice memories of new year’s eve in the lap of Nature.

5. Kerala
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Kerala


Good for: Backwaters, Beaches, Ayurveda

Another great place is here- Kerala, to celebrate New Year in India. It is famous for its greenish-blue backwaters and lush greenery. The state having several gorgeous beaches that host exciting New Year parties. You will surely have a great time here. If you are looking for a private celebration, book a houseboat and go on a backwater cruise.

6. Mumbai, Maharashtra – The City Always Awake
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Mumbai Maharashtra

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Good for: Beaches, Nightlife, Religious, Fine dining, Historic, Shopping

Mumbai- The city of Dreams! Here parties are full of jazzy themes, fun and full of splash! Many nightclubs host grand parties. Kitty Su one of the famous club every year which host the parties with the celebrities. Yes! New Year in Mumbai is as crazy as it sounds.

7. New Delhi – The Centre of Everything in India
Best Places Celebrate New Year India New Delhi

New Delhi

Good for: Historic, Religious, Party, Food, Shopping

Being the Capital of India, the New Year here becomes the prime attraction. The clubs, cafes, restaurants are all lit up. Traditional and religious events are organized too. New Year in India starts with its Capital.

8. Bangalore, Karnataka
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Bangalore


Good for: Nature, Wildlife, Historical, Shopping

Bangalore- The many passages, abundant green and large rich gardens, enormous malls and party places this attracts us. A climate flexible and so that it keeps bringing people to this green city. One can clearly witness the zeal among the youth at this time of the year. The cosmopolitan youth here are noticed of tapping their feet on this occasion.

9. Jaipur – The Pink City
Best Places To Celebrate New Year In India Jaipur The Pink City


Jaipur is the place where you will get the high life. The city offers the best hospitality. Its considered as one of the royal places in India. There are various pubs here which organizes happening new year bashes.

10. Lakshadweep – The Prince Of Coral Reefs
Best Places Celebrate New Year India Lakshadweep


Deep sea diving and yacht sailing are perfect activities for a New Year trip. Aren’t they? One of the best places in a group of the Island for New Year celebrations is The Lakshadweep group of Islands in India. When talking about dance- the Kolkali & Parichakali forms of dance will surely touch the chords of your heart. And that’s not all. Lakshadweep is perfect to enjoy your New Year’s Eve on a budget.

The New Year’s Eve needs to be celebrated with a lot of zest. Celebrating New Year’s Eve fills us with joy and happiness. It leaves us back with a plenty of hope and excitement for the upcoming year. The celebration of the New Year’s Eve should be done with lots of lights, sounds put-ons. The New Year in India is worth watching in its cities like the Mumbai, Goa and, Delhi. Mumbai and Goa being the main attractions of all the visitors. The New Year Party is a must attaining at the cities like Mumbai and Goa.

Let’s party hard! Because tonight’s the world begins again!

  • “May Light always surround you;
  • Hope inspire you.
  • Your Heart embraces Feelings
  • Every Kindness a Prism.
  • Your Passion brings back you.
  • May Goodness inspire your Deepest Desires.
  • Through all that you Reach For,
  • May your arms Never Tire.”

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