Colorful World Music Festivals

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The world stage is a platform where artists get a chance to show their work in front of a huge, varied, and appreciative audience. Be it the modern Jazz festival, soothing Sufi music, or classical Asian chants, the world audience is zestful to participate in all. There are many festivals performed in different parts and times of the year across the World. Some of them are the World Sacred Spirit Festival (India), the Music festival of Bonnaroo, Montreux Jazz festival, Holi, and many more.

These festivals are a reason for many country people to come together. Different cultures, arts, and languages are performed in the form of a music festival. However, the larger the audience is larger is the organization arranging it. The Sufi music, Jazz festival, instrumental Choirs, and many others are divine to be witnessed. Some such colorful and musical festivals are discussed below.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival (Manchester, Tennessee)

This is an annual music and art festival at the Manchester, Tennessee. It is a four-day music function. A large amount of tourism gathers here to experience and share the enthusiasm.
The main attraction of the festival is the live bands being played on the multi-stage level. Therefore, the types of musical styles being included are hip-hop, jazz, Americana, bluegrass, country music, folk, gospel, pop, electronic, and other fascinating music styles.
The music, art, and plays continue to perform till 3:00 am in the morning and later. Hence, this is a must-attend music festival.

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (Fes, Morocco)

It’s mostly held during the June period of the year. The festival consists of the free concerts, Sufi nights, and good food. Also, this is a huge festival of over 10 days of tenure.
This is a beautiful experience. It celebrates the cultural music of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and of other religions. They enjoy the tune of faith and spirituality rather than differencing it by its religion. Here one can witness the classical Hindu Chants, Christian Choir, Muslim Qawwali, with Turkish, Bulgarian and other flavors of Sufi music too. Therefore, a visit to this once is like experiencing many cultures at once.

Montreux Jazz Festival (Montreux, Switzerland)

The Jazz festival lasts for over two weeks. Montreux Jazz festival attracts a large amount of audience. It is a pure Jazz festival. A beautiful treat to the Jazz lovers.
The festival is held at the original but tragic Montreux Casino. Jazz is the main style of music to perform, rock and pop artists are invited to perform too. However, competitions in the field of solo piano, guitar, and voice are functioned actively.

WOMAD (Wiltshire, England)

WOMAD standing for World of Music Arts and Dance is a place where family and friends can enjoy the showcase of art on an international level.
The different art forms are performed and appreciated on a very large scale. Therefore, it gives a fair opportunity to the artists to showcase their own taste in front of the whole World.

World Sacred Spirit Festival (Jodhpur, India)

Like Hinduism, Muslism, Christianity, there is Sufism! Sufi music connects the eastern and western world successfully. It takes you above any religion constraints. Also, the Sufi music adds peace and soothness to your soul. To experience the same serenity, one should visit the World Sacred Spirit Festival held at a small town Nagaur in Jodhpur. This is held around the February month of the year.

The World Sacred Spirit Festival is a celebration of Sufi music. Hence, it is a must for the Sufi music lovers to attain it once. Also, the residence facilities are made available. For the foreigners, this might be a different experience. However, will surely be remembered for a lifetime.

Mevlana Festival (Konya, Turkey)

The great Rumi being the scholar of the ancient time, the festival is celebrated as a mark of his remembrance. Also, the Sema custom is a reflection of Turkish history, believes, and culture. It represents the spiritual journey of a man from being adolescent to perfection. perfection in terms of love and mindfull-ness.
Known as the ‘Union with God’, the festival in the Konya city brings millions of people to witness the divinity of great Rumi. His life, his work and ultimately the death is shown in a very sanctitude manner. Therefore, this is considered as a direct connection to the divinity through a music festival. This is also a showcase of beautiful Sufi music. However, it gives a lot to it.

Holi (India)

This is a very fun festival. It has different colors, drinks, and special food involved. Nearly in the month March of the year, this festival is celebrated. This is spring festival celebrated by the Hindus in all parts of India. The main festival consists of two days, the first having a holy bonfire. This bonfire has a mythological story behind it, moralizing, the defeat of evil by the good.
The second day has colors. The colors either in dry powder or with water are thrown at the people crossing by. The whole India, on this holy holi day, throws up a traditional party having different traditional liquor and food. It’s colorful, attractive, and above all a lot of fun.

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