World's Most Crowded Island

World's Most Crowded Island - Santa Cruz Del Islote
Santa Cruz Del Islote – An Island or a mini colony? You’ll find here a modern hair stylist, parties offering beers and rums extending up to three days, a colony of 1,200 people, all-knowing each other and helping each other with an utter warmth of love. Who won’t be excited to give a visit here? – The island of Santa Cruz Del Islote, one of the Colombian islands, is the most densely populated island. The population density of this island is the most of all if considered it’s area. The following are some of the Island facts.

According to the rules made by the modern society, the external and artificial things have become more materialistic to a man than spreading love and caring for the people in society. The densely populated island of Santa Cruz Del Islote is a contradiction to this thought. One of the surprising Island facts is being the most densely populated island in the Colombian Islands, it’s population density is more than 1,000 in a small area.

Where is Santa Cruz del Islote located?

There are tiny Colombian islands, one of such is the Santa Cruz del Islote. One needs to travel for two hours from the coast of Columbia. It is nearer to the Gulf of Morrosquillo in the department of Bolivar, Columbia. It hardly measures to a few 2.4 acres of land. However, it has a population density is four times that of Manhattan, of nearly 1,200. This is the most attractive fact of all the Island facts of Santa Cruz del Islote.

The Story Behind the Population Density

One of the Island facts of Santa Cruz del Islote is about it’s coming into existence. The story goes like – One of the forefathers of the present generation on the island had come here to take rest from fishing. They found this place as a good hub to relax and stay because it had fewer mosquitoes, pretty place to rest, amazing view, and whenever they came they had the best sleep. This attracted the people to come and stay here. Therefore, the population density automatically boosted. This made Santa Cruz del Islote as the most densely populated island.

The People of Santa Cruz del Islote

The people seem to have a very interesting life on these small Columbian islands of Santa Cruz del Islote. Population density living here survives on their most minimal basics. They live on the seafood mainly and can get other required eatables from the mainland. The people here live a very colorful life. The dresses and the houses are all colored and decorated. Let us take a look at the Island’s facts consisting of the children and the adult’s lifestyle, the buildings, houses, water, and waste management, the medical facilities, and others.

The Children

They have one school providing primary education to the children here. Some of the children move to the Mainland for acquiring the higher secondary education. The Children here are extremely playful and bright. Since the people on the island know each other well, the children can play in any house, jumping and running through the hallways of the neighbors. Even in the hot summers of 40 degrees, the children are very active to show their skills in swimming, playing cards, running across the open space, and many more.

Water and Waste Management

Being one of the densely populated islands and one of the Colombian islands away from the mainland, the water management is an issue. The water and waste management seems to be a problem faced by people living here. The water availability is limited. The purified water, that is the water with no salts is provided only for 5 hours a day. A company took the responsibility for the waste management system built. Many new things have been introduced to the people living here in order to develop their lifestyle.

The Medication Facilities

There is one hospital constructed here. A doctor comes to visit this Colombian islands for a few days in a week. The people falling sick are then treated here by him. The funeral rituals are done in the mainland as there is no crematory land being constructed on the Island. The whole Island is like a family, therefore, as and when required they stand to help each other. This is one of the amazing Island facts about the Santa Cruz del Islote.

Living As One Family

There live 18 families in more than 90 houses on the Island. The bond among all is amazing. If kept a party, it goes for 2-3 days in consecutive. Loud music, beers, rum, and other liquors filling the space. The population density is highly active here and full of enthusiasm. One can easily become a part of them. Above all the other island facts, the unity of the people is the most appreciable.

The Development

The development is slow. The Island is poor, no doubt. But despite all these issues, the people refuse to get shifted to the mainland. The Island is a peaceful place. One will find huge apartments at the mainland where people hardly talk to each other, they at times don’t even know who stays next door. The people living at the Colombian Islands of Santa Cruz del Islote, are a symbol of the lost equality and socialism.

In the world full of different types of people living, one should always offer a hand to help and love selflessly. The modernity is growing to such extent that the humanity is being endangered. Being human, saving the humankind is necessary. The Island of Santa Cruz del Islote is an example of such unique thought being the most densely populated island in the World.

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