Facts About Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty new york city
One of the most notable things of the New York city is the significant Statue of Liberty. Its one of the remarkable and Inspirational destinations in America. The Statue is the Symbol of freedom and liberty. This is one of the proud things for people living at NewYork city.

Statue Of Liberty face New York city

And here she is.

The Lady Liberty standing there in all her blue/green glory. But you know what?- Wasn’t she always that blue-green hue? And what is the best thing about it? You probably might know that she was a gift from France in 1885, as a way of commemorating the fight for independence and their own aspirations for democracy.

A massive statue, on liberty island in what called New York City Harbor. The statue of liberty is the coolest thing about the island. Actually, it is a very small island in New York Harbor. The word Liberty means-Freedom. The statue of liberty is the statue that celebrates the freedom shared!  The torch she carries represents Freedom! In the statue, she is stepping over broken chains.

France presented the statue as a gift to the New York City, the United States in 1886 as a representation of an international friendship. How cool is that?

Pretty huge gift, and really generous. The tallest statue in the United States is this, 305-feet tall. This statue was built replicating the symbol of friendship between France and the US. This statue was built in France and was designed by the French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi.

But the story really began more than 20 yrs earlier in 1865. Frenchman Edouard de Laboulaye proposed that France should create a monument for the United States.

The History

The Statue was built in France itself. The Great Statue was transported to New York City into 350 pieces. These 350 pieces were packed in 214 separate crates. Finally, on October 28, 1886, President Grover Cleveland dedicated the statue of liberty, an event celebrated by bands, parades, speeches, and fireworks.

As it is huge and wonderful, it costs lots of money to make. France paid $250,000 to manufacture ‘The Statue’. US paid $275,000 to build the Pedastal. Much of the Pedestal’s construction was funded by public donations.

She was not always known as The Statue Of Liberty. She was called as the “The Statue Of  Enlightening The World ” until 1924. Other cities were considered as potential locations for the statue. Bartholdi also visited Bosten, Sacramento and Norfolk, VA.

This 305-feet statue was built over 9 years in sections of copper skin on top of an iron skeleton. According to the national park service, the Statue has about 30 tonnes of copper, which is enough to make 435 million pennies. Yes! Bright reddish-gold pennies. The thickness of the copper exterior is only 2.5 millimeters.

But the statue of liberty isn’t of the same color as any penny I’ve seen. Let us see the lady liberty’s color change.
Anyone would have got affected due to the excess pollution. However, this Statue of liberty is erect at its place from last 150 years. In her first few decades, the statue turned from that shiny copper to dull brown and then, finally to the blue-green like we see today.

The Changes happened

Officials tried to restore her to the original color or to paint her back. But after public outcry, they decided just to leave it the way it is. And it will keep looking like that until dr. Zaius shows up. Anyway, her color change happened because of oxidation reaction between copper and the air.

Gustave Eiffel designed the statue’s inner framework. The statue sways a few inches during intense wind. There is a 42-foot ladder inside the right arm. Must be claimed to perform maintenance on the torch. Since 1916, from visiting the torch platform, visitors have been prohibited. Due to safety concerns. Workers accessed the statue by entering the soul of the right foot. The statue’s shoe size is 879.

The statue of liberty quickly became a famous landmark. For many immigrants who came to the United States through the New York, it was their first sight of their new country. Every year 4 million people come to visit the Statue of Liberty in the New York City.

Statue Of Liberty front view new york city

Here would be an ending to a descriptive piece on the Statue of Liberty.

Thus, the Statue of Liberty today as in the past continues to loom large in New York Harbor. Somewhat the worse for wear, reasonable maintenance has maintained her appearance and visitors still flock daily to see her majestic beauty. Towering over the harbor her coppered skin still catches the light as she serenely stands to hold the torch in her large and lifted hand.

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