Best Summer Vacation Destinations

Summer Vacation Destination
Which is a preferable season for vacation? Yes, of course, it is a summer vacation. Even though summer is the hottest season but everyone enjoys it. The foremost reason behind is not the sun but the long vacation. In fact, it is a fascinating season. So not only kids but also adult take a long break from their busy scheduled life to enjoy summer. People usually plan for summer vacation at some interesting destination. Everyone is looking for some action-packed opportunities to travel. As we are part of the beautiful planet which has some stunning and attractive places. Here are the top places around the world where people can enjoy their summer vacation and travel with family, friends.

When looking for the most adventurous destination in the world for Summer Vacation Destination, this followed most visited places should be considered. Even though they are a combination of expensive and affordable, the memories will be collected to cherish forever. When you are born as a traveler, the expenses on travel for enjoyment does not make any difference. The summer vacation wants to long last as memory then make it adventurous as much as possible.

Best Summer Vacation Destination

♥ Zermatt, Switzerland

If you are looking more mountain climbing destination, Zermatt is the attractive place to visit. Though it is a bit expensive but has the worth of money to travel. If you are nature-friendly, you can enjoy Zermatt which is a car-free area. In reality, the mountain railways and lifts are breath-taking but on another hand, it is more adventurous. The people looking for heaven on earth this is the best place. Because it is also called the heaven for skiing, hiking and mountain climbing. Another key point, people also enjoy their summer vacation by using summer sports resort.

Time to visit: June to September

♥ Paros, Greece

If you are more fascinated by the beach, Paros is a more excellent choice. The families, Partiers, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the flavor of beaches. Even you can travel to the capital city of Parikia, to experience some religious atmosphere at Byzantine “Church of 100 doors”. The golden beach and new golden beach are the more preferred beaches for windsurfing and kite-surfing. The accommodation is spread across the island so you can enjoy the sea site all the time. Another most visited traditional place of Paros is Naoussa. Naoussa is the most pleasing port for a fish restaurant, cafeterias, and bars. By all means, here you can throw the summer vacation party.

Time to visit: April to June

♥ Seychelles, East Africa

Seychelles, East Africa another beach destination for summer vacation. You will fall in love with Mahe, Praslin, La Digue beaches among 115 beaches. This is the most visited beaches in Seychelles. The powder soft sand is the unique feature of beaches. If you are more courageous for scuba diving and snorkeling, this could be a perfect place. You will enjoy admirable tourist’s facilities over here. Without playing a casino, the trip to Seychelles will be half-finished.

Time to visit: April to May and October to November

♥ Hoi An, Vietnam

If you are a food lover and searching for more diverse and excellent food place, Hoi An is the best example. You’ll enjoy the delicious Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese food in one place. Hoi An is a car and motorcycle free village. You can explore the field by driving a bicycle. Bicycle ride will explore you traditional village, shaky moving bridge. The beach near the town will add milestone in the beauty of Hoi An. Meal in Hoi An is mostly made of fresh gowned vegetables, you can also look at local farming. The last but not least you can find the alcohol cheap to enjoy the whole tour.  Hoi An is a mixture of adventurous things to refresh summer.

Time to visit: February to May

♥ Amalfi Coast, Italy

A distinctive mixture of nature and adventure, considered the Amalfi Cost be a diamond of Italy. Pastel building, attractive scenery, seaside mountains will mesmerize the visitor. The summer vacation is made up memorable with a ferry ride. The city feels to be live in a day with colorful shops and buildings. If you are looking for an enchanting town with beach, this is best for vacation.

Time to visit: May to September

♥ Bali, Indonesia

Volcanic mountains and beaches under one destination, how exciting! This heaven is named as Bali. Exotic temples are the pleasant symbol of the city. The night thrilling clubbing brings the enthusiasm after sunset. The city feels to be alive during night partying on the dance floor. It is also famous for shopping and yoga. You can likewise experience the forested rivers, valleys and rice puddings. It is one of the moderate budget destinations fulfills the summer satisfaction.

Time to visit: May to July

♥ Mauritius

One of the greatest mode to run from heating is to go swimming. And imagine swimming on an island. Looks pretty exciting! In Mauritius, is the wealthiest and adventurous destination for you to refresh from summer. It is situated in the Indian Ocean. You can hope to embrace the waterfall indeed in the tour. Though this city will cool from the hot sun, but never let you take rest from avenues.

Time to visit: May to December

♥ Kerala, India

There are many reasons and purposes to go on summer vacation in Kerala.“God’s own city” is another pretty name of it. The states have much mountaineering, sun-kissed beaches will admire to not resist for an outing. Here you could take the opportunity to hire a houseboat to travel around the backwater of Kerala. This place is more fascinated for Ayurveda.  You can relax the mood in the little budget over here.

Time to visit: June to August

♥ Iceland

The brightest and appropriate season to visit Iceland in summer. As per the tradition of Iceland, you can celebrate the “first day of summer” on April 1st. Icelanders, on this day, conduct most exploratory activities. The thrilling part of this place is you can experience mid-night sun. One thing remembers if you are staying in Iceland, then don’t forget to stay in the cottage. You will take home a lot of amazing memories in the lap of Iceland.

Time to visit: July and August

♥ Marseille, France

Since France is the world’s most popular destination. Marseille is the oldest city in Europe. Moreover, it considered being the port city. The dream destination within the Marseille is Basilique Notre- Dame de la Garde, don’t miss it. The natural beauty will hypnotize you. This one of the adventurous place with many visiting spots will brighten up your summer vacation.

Time to visit: June and July

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