The Largest Sea Bridge in the World

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2018 which considered being an excellent year for China. As China is inaugurating the world’s longest sea bridge.  This bridge link the Hong Kong and Macau with mainland China. The purpose behind to construct the bridge is to reduce the journey time between these places. This sea project was undertaken to bring these cities closer to each other.  The Qingdao Haiwan Bridge is the unique name of longest sea bridge in the world.  The world’s most challenging engineering project could be this one only.  The longest bridge attracts many travelers to visit the place as a tourist destination. This is a great construction management system example. Therefore, let’s know more about the China bridge of Qingdao Haiwan Bridge.

The Qingdao Haiwan Bridge is the more advanced bridge till now by construction management system of China. The total distance of the bridge covers 26.6 miles which connect Qingdao, small Qingdao, and Huang Dao.  It exclusively looks alike T Shape Bridge. The bridge starts from Qingdao- Lanzhou highway.  Within 4 years, is constructed with a cost of £ 5.4 billion. The longest sea bridge in the world saving the time from 40 minutes to 25 minutes. This bridge is built in the frozen sea region of north China, which was the bit complex to construct. During the construction, the engineer took all prevention measure to protect the marine resources.  This will left behind the Tibetan bridge and the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana, United States, in Guinness world record. It will be inaugurated on June 30, 2018. The Shandong High-speed Group co is the backbone for funding this sea bridge.

Reason for constructing Longest Sea Bridge in the World:

The main purpose to build the bridge was to expand the trade between the Huangdao and Qingdao. As the Huangdao is a center for many industries. Through this project, they were expecting to improvement in economic as well as the social environment of China. To save the time and cost of traveler this china bridge came into existence. In order to become a legend and left behind the other countries in technology, China is continuously experimenting with the new technology project. Therefore, China bridge has created history by building the longest sea bridge in the world – The Qingdao Haiwan Bridge!

Significant factors about the construction management system:

  • The idea to build the longest bridge is coming from the Chinese communist party.
  • The designer of this bridge is none other than Shandong Gaosu Group, who won the tender through public tender.
  • The total bridge length is nearly 26.6 miles which also comprise the Cangkou channel bridge and Red island channels bridge.
  • The width and height of the bridge also make it unique from other, 35 meter and 149 meters respectively.
  • Nearly more than 10,000 people were indulging in construction.
  • The bridge has 6 two- way lane which is longer than 3 miles.
  • The Jiaozuo bay tunnel runs under the Qingdao bay bridge, the tunnels travels underground for 5.55km.
  • For a purpose to build this bridge, used 450000 tonnes of steel and 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete.
  • The Qingdao Hawai Bridge used low pile caps.
  • This project was based on non-bottom sealing technology for concrete poring jacket.
  • To prevent the bridge from erosion, the new anti-erosion method system adapted while construction.
  • As the bridge made up of 450000 tonnes of steel, so it can survive with a magnitude 8.0 earthquake.
  • With the use of 4D technology and 4D management, the 4D construction management system of this bridge is designed.
  • The bridge can survive for the longer period.

Interesting facts about the Qingdao Hawain Bridge:

  • The Qingdao faced many disputes as this project was including expensive prices, delay in construction and alleged corruption.
  • 2 workers died and some people were charged with representing a fake concrete test report.
  • The bridge mainly made up of cars and no pedestrians and cyclists can travel on a bridge.
  • The capacity of the bridge is daily 40000 cars can be run and even shuttle buses also encompassed.
  • The bridge is built in such manner, some of the sections have minor slopes.
  • The steel though used inbuilt to bridge, which is enough to create 60 Eiffel Tower.
  • China, for supporting this structure furthermore built 4 artificial islands.
  • As the bridge has 6 lanes and 4 tunnels, among this 1 is an underwater tunnel.
  • Within an hour people can travel from Macau to Hong Kong through Pearl River bay.
  • It is supported by more than 5000 pillars.
  • The investment returns for this project would be recovered within 15 years.
  • The bridge has long-term social and economic paybacks.
  • The 4D construction management system provided the guaranty of safety and quality of construction bridge.
The Qingdao Hawaii Bridge is the perfect example of the immense technology power of the engineers. Though China is the base home for creating the longest bridge, still working on establishing new and new bridges which interlink the cities. Some other bridges in China are Tsing Ma Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Jiangyin Suspension Bridge, Huangpu Bridge, Balinghe Bridge, Yichang Bridge, Si Du River Bridge, Sutong Yangtze Bridge, and more. The 4D technology used to tackle the problem such as foggy days in sea, earthquake, waterside moss or ice and so on. Especially, with better hard work, China accomplished the sea bridge project successfully.

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